Old timers?

I think a lot of us ended up moving to other servers due to the collapse of raiding guilds. I remember in Classic and early TBC we had 3-4 Horde progression guilds, and about 5-6 Alliance ones. Not sure what happened mid TBC, but so many vanished and it became slim going.
I made the dumb mistake in going to a new guild pushing world firsts and all that crap. Really burned myself out making WoW a second job. Good to be back as a casual though, and good to see Gilneas actually thriving again.

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It’s nice to see a lot of familiar names!

Sain from Lords of Honor

add me on bnet Sain#1737

Hello again everyone!

World of Warcaft: Classic - Server Selection
If you are interested in playing WoW Classic there is some infromation for you:

Realm List:

I will be hosting a server selection event for players from Gilneas and associated friends. The goal of this is to get everyone who wants to play on particular server types to select the same one.

Please take a moment to visit my discord and vote on the server you would most prefer playing on before Aug 12. Voting for each type of server is per the chat channel type, RP servers not having votes because there is only one of each. This will help expedite the decision process prior to name creation.


Note: I will also be monitoring some information regarding streamers and South American players, to determine if many of them will be congregating on any particular server.

  • The reason for monitoring the South American player base is that if they congregate on one server it may provide a large language barrier causing difficulty for grouping with North American players.

On August 12, the ability to select realms and name 3 characters will be available. United States will likely get August 12 name creations respective to launch times shown in the link below:

If you are interested in playing with old friends then please join me on August 12. I will try to be on Discord at 2:30PM PDT / 5:30PM EST, about half an hour before the expected realm availability at 3PM PDT / 6PM EST for server selection coordination.

Please invite any of your friends to join as well.

Again, there is also a facebook group I have created to help with updates as well:


Below are also Classic Forums links to reconnect with other vanilla players:




Great post! Thanks!

Awsome, I remember you, only because I had the toon Gimmley, little dwarf huntard joined the deg’ers late vanilla we were in zul gurub at the time, GM was Bustemup our dwarf pally tank/healer. Great to see you grim. Also remember Dragoth?

plagust(my dad)

Not sure if y’all remember me, I was in sparda, tainted and nice before I left server some time in wotlk

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Hi Plagust! I remember ya! Remember that kid that named himself after some TV cartoon character…Zoidburg or sumthin?

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hey guys! Yumika here! NE Priest from back in the day!


Man, glad to see someone from the Disrupted days even if I am about a year late seeing it lol! Glad to see you still rocking the warrior. Sucks you had to roll Alliance side though.

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Drac here, not sure if anyone remembers was a Tauren hunter on Gilneas for a long time. Wondering what server old Gilneans were going to for classic?


i think i still have an alt in TLS, an undead Priest named Sciler XD

sent a request to join - would show as Felicia :3

I hope i get to run into you again on Classic sometime :3

I knew you couldn’t stay away, lol. :heart:

yumi!!! <3

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Is that to me? XD

@Lixx, yeah. I always remember you being the socialite between Alliance and Horde. Many good times where had.
Oops, Okura here, this is my warrior, forgot I switched avatars.

Hey everyone! I was thinking of coming back and was curious if anyone from the old Vanilla/BC Lords of Honor days were still around? Main was Sselepoh (Priest)

hey how are you doin!?

Yo Chlives Plag here im on Ateish it would be great to hear from ya