Old Thread - No Longer Relevant <Lordaeron Unbound> (Oceanic)

A simple notice, bearing Forsaken colours but the symbol of a double-headed white eagle upon a banner of blue, would be found pinned to noticeboards in Orgrimmar, Silvermoon and Thunder Bluff:

The Forsaken, characterised for so long by all that we had lost, and all those who had forsaken us, have ourselves been forsaken by our hero. Our saviour. Our Queen. She has made clear that our free will is nothing to her, by the attempted enslavement of Derek Proudmoore, and she has made clear to the Horde that we are nothing. None of us mean anything to her - we were always but a means to an end. Even the Forsaken. Perhaps, especially the Forsaken.

Every piece of security the Forsaken have built for themselves over the years has crumbled. The political organisation we joined, the Horde, is leaderless, and trying frantically to fill the power vacuum left by the Dark Lady’s defection. Our Kingdom that we fought so hard to restore, once again lies in ruins. Forgotten and unliveable. We linger and rot in Orgrimmar, left homeless and forgotten by the Queen we loved and trusted more than anyone.

But the Forsaken are strong. We endure whatever cruel circumstances fate throws at us. We adapt, and we change, becoming what we need to be to secure our place in the world. Perhaps most importantly, we are MORE than mere followers of Sylvanas Windrunner. We are the free-willed Undead of Lordaeron. We are a people who have endured more than any other, and overcome any challenge set before us, despite overwhelming odds stacked against us. This new challenge is no different. Once again we must adapt and reform. We Forsaken need to change, in order to endure.

We must fight to ensure a future for our people, but in a different way than we have before. Indeed, the whole Horde must fight in a different way than they have before, as they too have now been twice-forsaken, by terrible warchiefs who cared for nothing but their own agendas.

With this in mind, I propose the creation of something new, inspired by something old. Lordaeron was always characterised by its Knights, even before the rise of the Silver Hand and the first Paladins. These Knights patrolled the Kingdom, making it safe, and helping the citizenry with their needs. The Forsaken, and the Horde at large, need such an Order of Knights.

I propose the creation of the Order of Lordaeron Unbound, an order of free-willed undead, and other sympathetic members of the Horde, who will fight for the continued rights of the people of Lordaeron and the Horde at large, and do all we can to maintain this peace, and enter into a new era of prosperity for our peoples.

Will you join us in our cause?


Created after the end of the Fourth War, the Order of Lordaeron Unbound is a reimagination of the old Holy Orders (such as the Silver Hand) that used to exist within Lordaeron. Attempting to rekindle the lost tradition of Lordaeronian knights and support a cultural shift within the Forsaken people, the Order of the Unbound seeks to quell any threats to sentient undead, provide a purpose for Forsaken who feel lost after being abandoned by Sylvanas Windrunner, and to guide the Forsaken as a culture from their more malicious tendencies and attempt to re-establish a pre-death sense of morality. Long term, the Order also intends to work towards finding a home for the Forsaken people. The Three Virtues of the Light (Respect, Compassion and Tenacity) are considered important to the Order, but the Order does not in any way require worship of the Light.

Our Symbol

The Tabard of Lordaeron Unbound is a white double-headed eagle atop a blue background. The tabard of Lordaeron, as represented in game, was a blue eagle atop a white background, at least in Hillsbrad Foothills and Stratholme, so presumably the Kingdom at large. The tabard of the Forsaken, fascinatingly, was blue with a white emblem. The new symbol represents the Kingdom of Lordaeron - a home the Forsaken have not forgotten, and should not forget about. But the tabard also bears the colours of the Forsaken, indicating that a new direction for Lordaeron, the direction the Knights of Lordaeron Unbound intend to fight for, is one that draws inspiration from both Old Lordaeron AND Forsaken Lordaeron. A combination of the best aspects of both, designed to serve the people and guide them to a brighter future - a future where the full past of Lordaeron is acknowledged and celebrated.

It should be noted that you are absolutely not required to wear the tabard - this is more of an ideological guild than a military one. We have no intentions of forcing members to wear any kind of uniform at all. Nevertheless, the symbol is IC, and prospective members will receive a signet ring bearing the Lordaeron eagle, which will identify them as a member.

Our Headquarters

After a series of events, Lordaeron Unbound claimed the ruins of Fenris Keep, at the centre of Lordamere Lake, as their headquarters. They do not have the manpower to effectively man the whole structure, but they are in full control of the barracks, which serves as the hub of the guild, and acts as a central hub from which easy access can be granted to Silverpine, Tiristfal, Hillsbrad, and even the Alterac Mountains!

We also make use of a small Tauren structure in the Valley of Wisdom, which our order rents and uses as a “Chapter House”, in which to base our order while representing ourselves in the Horde capital.



The Highlord of the Order is the leader. They execute orders, oversee recruits and training of new recruits, deal in diplomacy with other organisations of note, and settle disputes where necessary.


The Bishop deals with spiritual and cultural matters. While the Highlord may deal in more mundane matters, the Bishop oversees the attempts to re-establish connections with the Forsaken community, trying to slowly adjust their people to a new way of living.


The Justicar is the martial commander of the Order, involved in both the training and organisation of members, and the organisation of militant activities, if and when these are necessary. These military activities are not intended to be a part of the faction war, but actions either to defend the Forsaken people, or the wider world, from things that threaten them.


The Knights are the combative arm of the Order, organised for primarily defensive purposes. While “Knight” carries connotations of men in armour, riding horses into battle, that is not the Order’s intent. Instead, anyone can become a Knight, provided they have the will and drive to assist, no matter how they choose to. Whether they be a magic-user, a soldier, a sharpshooter, or a rogue, so long as they wish to support the Order, they will be welcomed.


The Priests have a less combative role. They are to the Knight what the Archbishop is to the Highlord. They work with the community, and try to provide cultural and spiritual aid, especially in attempts to return the Holy Light to a thing of worship within the community. Their role is more centred on outreach and healing, and is once again not constrained by the actual priest class.


A recruit is a new member of the Order, still either in training or being considered for full membership. This is essentially our new member rank. To become a Knight or a Priest, the recruit must pass a test posed to them by the Highlord, Archbishop or Justicar.

When do we RP?

As the title says, we are an oceanic guild. This may be a pain or disappointment for some members, and we understand that! Many of us are already Australians or late-nighters who struggle to make it to guild events in any normal way, so we definitely feel your pain! But Lordaeron Unbound will largely limit their RP to late nights. If you’re wanting to get the optimal experience, you’ll join us for late night RP!

However, we also plan to be a bit of a community outreach organisation, and that can only happen in any real depth during the day! We will try to use weekends and other convenient times to get involved with the community and attend community events! We also welcome affiliation with non-guilded individuals who would like to get involved in our RP without necessarily being a direct part of the order!


  • We are open to all races and classes, though of course to fully fit within the guild your character will at least need some form of ideological affiliation with the Forsaken.

  • We have a discord! This will be used to schedule events. As we’re a bit of an outreach organisation, guests are also welcome, as long as they’re civil and not there to troll. Hit me up in game or on the forums if you would like to join - I’ll send you an in-game mail with the link.

  • We also suggest an RP addon, such as MyRolePlay, TotalRolePlay, or XRP. Just so we can see info and descriptions about each other’s characters. The Cross RP addon is also highly recommended.



  1. Respect We are all adults here, we come to play this game and have fun. Please don’t be mean to your other guildmates. We will not tolerate you throwing around hateful or bigoted remarks to anyone, for any reason. If you have a problem, speak to an officer or the Guild Leader.

  2. Avoiding Drama No talking about IRL Politics or Religion allowed in public channels. Please take these to whispers. These subjects can be sensitive and to keep this a happy place we would rather not have these brought up at all. We’re here to escape the world’s problems, not dwell on them.

  3. Separation of IC and OOC Remember to keep IC and OOC separate. If you have an OOC issue, chat to an officer. Don’t bring it into IC. Likewise, don’t bring IC disputes into OOC.

  4. Spoilers We are Spoiler free. Keep any spoilers to the spoilers channel! Not everyone wants to peek into the future patches!

  5. NSFW Our guild policy is that we do not have a NSFW channel. There are places for that and this is not one of them. If you wish to share NSFW content with guild members it is best to do so over DMs, if consent has been provided

  6. Discord Names We all like to change our names to meme, but new members don’t know who the heck we are. If you change your discord name, please put your most commonly used character name after it, in brackets. E.g., I might be called Crazy (Sarestha)


  1. Lore Adherence We want you to be creative and flexible within the world of Warcraft, but for the purposes of everyone’s immersion in RP, we ask that you abide by the lore, where possible. Let’s try not to muddy the waters with stuff drawn straight from other fandoms, or totally out of nowhere.
  2. No Metagaming Information that you may be aware of OOC does NOT automatically translate to information known by your character IC. Please remember to keep these separate.
  3. No Godmodding To be fair on everyone, our character’s power levels are, in one way or another, equal. Because of this, unless otherwise negotiated between characters in OOC whispers, our go-to with any form of combat is roll-combat, to keep things as fair as possible.

How to join:

Mail or whisper the Highlord (Sarestha), the Bishop (Cadiascrane) or the Justicar (Otielle)! If you want to check if they’re online, type in a good old “/who Sarestha” (or the other names) to see if they’re currently in game! If we can’t catch you online, we’ll shoot you a discord link and get in touch that way!


This sounds like a very interesting guild concept. I don’t figure we’ll be friends ICly but I wish you folks well OOCly


Oh it’ll definitely be a controversial branch of Forsaken society, I forsee that for sure! A lot of Forsaken won’t be altogether too happy with the themes and ideas the Unbound have. But that just makes RP more interesting :smiling_imp:

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The Lordaeron eagle in red is the personal heraldry of Saidan Dathrohan of the Scarlet Crusade.

ht tps://imgur.com/a/zsjzZ1z

Interesting isn’t it! It appears to be specifically the tabard he used even BEFORE becoming Grand Crusader, or before the Scarlet Crusade existed. I wonder if, as Lord of Stratholme, it was also the symbol of the city. Who knows?

By the time Saidan was Grand Crusader though, he appears to have switched to the use of the Scarlet Flame, specifically the extra-red tabard used by ranking members.

In any case, it seems detatched enough from the Scarlet Crusade to use with a form of new symbology - a simple alteration of the Blue eagle to the Red, representing the same nation, Lordaeron, but now as a part of the Horde.


You certainly know your lore. I suspect that Red being Dathrohan’s color contributed largely to the knights of the Silver Hand adopting the color red as they became the Scarlet Crusade. Green/Fel would have been too obvious on Balnazzar’s part.


I definitely know my Lordaeron lore. And I have a certain interest in the Scarlet Crusade - ICly Sarestha was herself a Paladin of the Crusade, before being slain and raised by the Ebon Blade during the assault on the Scarlet Enclave! Thereafter, and upon gaining free-will, she decided to join the Forsaken. Other free-willed Undead Lordaeronians, as it were.

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It is a fascinating thing - though Blizzard seems determined to strip away the more nobler aspects of the Crusade entirely, like Mograine being Scarlet Highlord or Taelan Fordring leading resettlement efforts. All this does is make them mustache-twirling villains and a more boring faction.

On the topic of Lordaeron, I notice in the Ashbringer comic that it does take a while for the Crusade to move from Lordaeron blue to Crusade red. Like some members like Doan and Isillien kept wearing blue well-into the Crusade’s later years and seem to only have changed to full red right before the start of WoW.


Our first event is happening this Tuesday, very early in the morning by server standards (2:00am)

Hallow’s End - A New Beginning

Hallow’s End is a time of great significance for both Lordaeron and the Forsaken. It was celebrated in Lordaeron before the fall, and represented the worlds of the living and the dead being closer together. The wickerman represented a burning away of the things one did not want to carry with them into the quiet winter months, such as negative emotions. Thus, it was a time of both reflection and renewal. Perhaps even more importantly, it marks the time when the Forsaken broke free of the Lich King, and began to forge their own destiny.

The Forsaken are in a state of indecision. We are homeless, leaderless, and distrusted. Let us mend that. Join us, as we reflect on our goals, and what things we are carrying that perhaps need to be burned away. Let us remember this glorious time when we gained our freedom, and all that it means to us. And let us celebrate - for with or without Sylvanas Windrunner, we are free-willed undead of Lordaeron. We are Forsaken. And we will endure.

Join Lordaeron Unbound outside the gates of Orgrimmar at 2:00am (server time) in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Let the Wickerman light up the night! And let us, between our celebration and our reflection, perhaps find a new path to take us through the coming winter.


The first event is tonight, in 40 minutes, outside the walls of Orgrimmar! Pst Sarestha for an invite!

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who are you exactly

I̴͚͖̥̯̓̽̃̎̕͢ a͎̜͙̹͇̯̳̿͑̂͒̎͒̒̋͞m̫̜͖̞̹͍̂̏̉̋̍̏̇̔̄͊ ţ̧̖̟̹̬͍̰͆̏͂̈̎̓͊̋̇ͅh̫̗͉̙̮͐̃́̂͗͛̈̕ë̶̢̧̖̩͈̟̋̀̍́͜͟ S͎̯̯̹̯̹̬̦̑̋̔́̈̍̒h̶̛͚̭͚͇̿̎̊͋̈́͢ă̢̧̻̠̞̈̑͟͝͝d̴͍̲͚̭͍̯̪̓̔̇́̒̅͗̏͟͠ͅǫ̨̧̪͕͗̃̃̎̿͠ẁ̫̙͍̤̳̺͛́̀̆͢ C̶̗̮̝̼̜̏̉͑̓͂͡ȁ͙̤̜̰͍̞̮̀́̂͒͑̎͘̕͟͝b̴̢̛͍̬̳̮̠̜͕̆̽͂̒͘͠á̴̟͉͔̜̬̂̇́̔͊͊̑̽̌l̵̢̢̨̠͈̞̳͊̇͆̿̍̚͠.̨̖̦̬̳̯̮̈́̆́̀̃ͅ Ĥ̵̡͉̬͎͓̜̣̙̅̽̍̚͟͟ȩ̭̭̦̦̥̙̼͋́͗̍̓̄̃͘ͅr̷̮͉̭̫̣̝̖̄̈́̐̊̒̄̈̏͝e̶̳̮̭̟̳̙͎͆̿̍͘͠͝ t̴̟̖̯̮̲͎͒̀͘͘͘͝͝ͅo̧̫̘͉̲̝͈̞̼̹͌̿̆̾̑́̏͡ å̶̢͇̜͉͓̃̄̅̌͗́̕d̡̢̛̻͕͔͗́̓̇͌̔̏͡͝v̵͎͕̳̫̟̻͔̭̒̏̈̍͑͘͝͝͡͠ȩ̷̛̹͚̙̤̌͛̋͌̚̕͘͜͜r͙̦̰͓̤̣̺̤͉̔̌̄̒͊͆͢͞t̨̡͇̠̱̘̻͙͓͋͂̏̅̈̚͟i̶̧̳̥̬͇̮͒̿̐͌̄͐̑̐͘̚s̴̪̰͉̳͗̈͒́̾͊̉̾͒͘͟e̢̙͈̼̞̟̪̿͌̀̎͜͢͠͝ d̷̢̡̗͇̙̯̝̯̄̌́͂̑̌̓͌̚͘͢͢a̴̧̭̖̳̫̱͙͉͈̱͑̏̌̈́̾͞͠ņ̶̰̥̭̞̤̱̍̓̾͌̏͘͜k̴̭̟̻̭͉̘̭̻̄́̉͗̌̅͟͜ ë̛̬̱̠͉̼̳̗͎͉́̍̑̀v̴̛̩͖̗̝̆̓̇̉̕̚͢ë̶̯̼̞̩̬͙͇̀̔̿͒̇̇ņ̧̹͕̥̠̅̆̀̔͌͘ṭ̷͖̟̥̼̠̙̣̈͛̾̾́́̎́̚͟ş̩͔̬̺͋̎͐̎̍̐͠͠.̛͕̙͈̘͙͋̃̅̈͟͢ͅ


Oh noooooo

Not the cabal

Our events are kicking off in earnest! Next Monday at 1am server time, we move out to claim a base of operations!


I am home again, so I can make it, and I shall endeavour to do so.

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We may yet have some dealings with the Strawmen as well! Sarestha has been in communication with Carmen Cryptstalker, and hopes to set up some sort of partnership between our two orders. While we have slightly different focuses, many of our goals now align.


Forgot to ask, but what is my in on the event? How may Nos come about to being of help in the event?

I can think of two options. Firstly, Nos may be among those Carmen speaks to about the plans of the Unbound, which could get him an invitation. Alternatively, Sarestha and he spoke of the Lordaeron Restoration Movement in the past, it’s possible she’d send him a letter about her intentions. Let me know which you’d prefer!

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Yes, the former sounds good.

Also, the little village grounds at the foot of the keep would be a great workshop area for the Lordaeron reclamation venture. Each building could be for each group who participate.

As a fellow Strawmen said. “In theory we Forsaken would be starting again in old human ruins, overlooking Lordamere Lake. But now, the reminder of our failure, of our mistakes, is right before us. Capital City is just across the water - a monument to never again falling to blind fanatacism, no matter who rules us.”

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That was me in the Strawmen discord but yes :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a guest!

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