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old post it wont let me remove.

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Need some dps for our big mythic push this month!

Still need a few quality mythic raiders.

Need a few more reliable people!!

hello am a team of 3 1 tank 1 healer and 1 dps add my on discord at fearless#2144

Added you last night but tired to add that as a btag lol! Would like to talk for sure. because of this…

Our main tank has run into some RL issues and we need to replace him. So looking for a new MT, anything but a pally.

Hello that is my discord name if ya wanna add my battle tag its fearless#1223

Still looking for a new tank, have a temporary replacement but looking for someone more long term.
Could get you in tonight for a trial!

still could use a tank

just need a couple dps right now. pretty good on tanks and heals.

could use a flexible healer that can do the big dps too!
Or disc priest