[H] 438 Warrior Tank 1/8M

I’m a tank main looking for a guild to progress with. I’ve got 4 geared tanks so far, and leveling a monk currently. I have Cutting Edge experience and would like to join a guild who intends on clearing mythic content.

I am able to play many classes, roles, and specs, however I prefer tanking.


Neiltyson-Bleeding Hollow - 438 Protection Warrior

Notdraz-Bleeding Hollow - 437 Vengance / 435 Havoc Demon Hunter

Drazol-Lightbringer - 435 Restoration / 426 Guardian Druid

Phadeo-Lightbringer - 434 Blood / 429 Unholy Death Knight

Drazol-Bleeding Hollow - 435 Demonology Warlock

Yupslut-Bleeding Hollow - 419 Outlaw Rogue

Contact info:

Discord: Not A Rapper#4249
Battle Tag: Solenicus#1697

Hey there, not sure what times youre looking for, but we just lost our MT to his job and are looking to fill the spot. Would help offset trasnfer if it worked out. A few unreliable ppl have held that back and we’re working hard to change that.

Hi there We are currently looking for a main tank for mythic raiding, we are currently 3/8 m EP, and raid Tues, Wed, Thurs, 9-11pm EST. I would love to chat more about the tank options you have, I will be sending a BT aka (Brittster#1804)request and hopefully we can talk more. Thanks.
also feel free to reach out VIA discord as that being the fastest method for response ( Jaharra#9913)

Sellouts horde illidan 3/8M will be 4/8M on tuesday wwe raid tuesday / wensday 8-11 cst on thursdays we sell full heroic clears and do keys for everyone in the guild.

If you want more info or are interested add me at Blue#15336 and we can chat. have a nice day.