Hpal with ret OS lost... looking for new home

So after years of being a GM, I had my second kid and called it quits as a GM. I stayed with the guild for a short time as a member but I didn’t have time to be a full time mythic raider. So I cut ties and moved on. I found a good spot, but eventually they had officer issues and one drunken night on discord an argument between the GM and officers caused a guild implosion. I kind of just ran keys with my former officers for a bit then I found a new group. This one was going good as well, then after a few bad nights where the interrupt rotations were messed up, the raid lead quit and went alliance along with his buddy on the raid team. That was 2 weeks before eternal palace came out. So I went back to M+ until I found the next home, but as luck would have it, that same week my steady M+ group decided to quit til classic. So I have been just goldmaking for a few weeks to kinda clear my head.

I am a Hpal, with a ret OS, and even though I haven’t stepped into the new raid, I’m looking for a shot. I need to find a home, even if I’m only on the alt team at first. I’m a quick learner, and very experienced, having raided since ToGC in wrath. 37, 2 kids, and lots of free time after 815pm.

Hit me up if you think I’m a fit, or just want to chat.


Lok’tar, friend! Sounds like you’ve had a bumpy raid experience.

Cinder and Ash [H] [8/8H / 5/9M] LF Ranged and Heals raids W/Th 7-10 server. I know you said you have lots of time after 8:15, so just checking in in case you were talking about EST or that is shiftable.

our hpal is having some life issues and we’re looking for a new one.