No Sub = No forums

(Before I start I want to give a little disclaimer: yes this guy is level 55 HOWEVER I do have a 120 and have been playing wow for sometime. I just know some people will not agree with what I say and I want to make sure my main or my guild will not be trolled by these people as this has happened in the past)

I have been watching the forums for sometime and I have seen people who claimed they been unsubed for sometime coming back on the forums to complain about a game they are no longer a part of. I for one thinks this makes no sense. It is the equivalent complaining to a coach on how a team is being run when you not been involved with that team for a least a month. I have nothing wrong with people who are actually PLAYING the game critiquing it but if you been unsubbed you do not know first hand about the recent changes to the game (and even if you do they don’t affect you in any way) and such you have no right to complain about them.

What is WORSE however when people who have left the game come on the forums to try to coerce other players to leave as well. If people do not like the game they should be ALLOWED to make that decision for themselves without being swayed by people who are even not apart of that game anymore. If you want to leave be my guest but don’t try to get other people to leave as well.

As such I think that Blizzard should make it that if you cannot play WoW due to unsubbing (or have not been able to play due to being unsubbed for a period of time) You should not be allowed to post on the forums.

Edit: I mean due to unsubbing I mean they are unsubbed and don’t have any game time left.


This was how it worked on the old forums (with the exception of the Support section and Classic), and likely will work here. IIRC, there was a bug when the forums went live that let unsubbed people post outside of those areas – not sure if it’s still active, but if it hasn’t been fixed, it will be soon enough.

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psst… did you know that when you unsub your time played is not cancelled right away? It makes sense considering that Blizz won’t give you a prorated refund for unused game time. So you can access both the game and the forums as long as there is game time in the account.


Sorry I meant more like if you can’t play the game you should not be able to complain about it. I edited the original post to fix that.

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Thats very true that you do keep your sub for an additional 30 after canceling but there have been people admitting to being unsubbed for X amount of time and now all of a sudden being able to post and respond on the forums again.

This is a logical idea. I like it. Strangely though I suspect there are some weirdos out there that pay their monthly fee just to come here to be malcontents.

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The only forums for WoW you should be able post on without a sub is the Classic forum and the Support forum.

You actually need a subscription to post on any other WoW category. This case has not changed from the old forums and isn’t something we’re wanting to change.


i think people who aren’t playing the game can still have things to say about it, especially when news/info about it can be found online every where, there are also people who don’t own the game yet and may simply want to ask questions about how it’s like or talk with other people about it, not all forum posts are also directly about critiquing the current state of the game but are simply about discussing it, or possibly playing forum games, additionally not everyone has the money to maintain a sub fee, so they can’t talk about it when they’ve run out of money, there are also veteran players who used to play the game/know a lot about it that still deserve to be able to talk about the game


IIRC there was a brief moment in time where the new forums were allowing non-subs to post here to GD. The blues quickly pointed out that would be ‘rectified’.

AFAIK, right now, only active players can post to GD.


Can we get this blue his avatar back, please…


Yakkity yak please come back


Ah sorry I just see people forums claiming not been subbed for sometime coming on the forums to complain. apparently those people must of been from the people who were using the bug. Glad to see Blizzard is taking care of their forums. :grinning:



I’m currently unsubbed and have been able to post since the new forums came out. Though the reason I am not playing isn’t because the game sucks its because I am out of town and won’t be back to play for another week.

Probably won’t be able to post after this lol :smiley:


Yea its like complaining about master loot when you arent a mythic raider. Its like complaining about the state of mythic plus without timing a 3. Its like complaining about racials without bg/3s rating above 500. So par for the course I would say.

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AFAIK, right now, only active players can post to GD.

Nope. Can still post.

Probably won’t be able to soon hahaha

Thanks for letting us know something fishy might still be up, we’re looking into it to get that fixed. <3


Don’t you want feedback from unsubbed people?


This reminds me of the whole Facebook/Russian ads nonsense in 2016.
I seriously doubt if anyone here is going to quit playing the game over some disgruntled ex anymore than anyone voted for the other guy because of some Russian bots on Facebook.

Most people have already made up their minds either way.
I dont think WoW is in any danger over ex players posting here as long as they obey the rules.

Yeah, I know the new forums did change it as per this post You don’t need a sub to post now! - #15 by Linsivi

I just don’t know if they have it all fixed yet. So there WAS a point where unsubbed folks could post here.