Posting without a subscription

Oh man, this may be a chore but I’ll actually see if I can find it. I’m not going to say which one it was since there’s a whole new “call out” for me to catch another suspension.

I do recall the conversation, it started with me talking bad about how long it took for the forum history to get fixed and made a few jokes about how we have no web team, I was ‘corrected’ and told there was a “whole team” dedicated to the Blizzard forums.

I’ll see if I can find it.

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Fair enough. And don’t take this to mean that if you aren’t able to find it, that I don’t believe the statement was made. I know looking up very specific/old things can be tough.

Wasn’t meaning to give you a chore.

I could see there being a “team” dedicated to the forums, but since the forums are not their personal software that can still making getting specific things fixed/changed not that easy.

If it’s still bugged, I have to question whether it is in fact a bug.

Working as Intended™️

Dedicated to the forums is not the same as the people who code it. It could just mean forum moderators and support staff…

Nope, moderators were not part of this conversation. This conversation was about the web development team.

I cannot find it yet, it doesn’t help that said MVPs history is hidden. Why an MVP would want to hide their forum history is beyond me but whatever. I will look again this evening when I have more time. I really want to find this now.

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This was never fixed, blues even acknowledged it as a “bug”

Even the Forums need to be CRZd these days :c

I have a sub. And I also don’t really care who posts here though it is an invitation for trolling to let just anyone post. But…not my circus and all that.

Not really, I’ve been suspended for some really stupid stuff. All it takes is some people to mass flag you and you’re going to catch a suspension. If you put in a ticket you’ll probably be met with an automated response.

This has been brought up numerous times by many posters, not just my few experiences.

I have a really hard time believing that most of the moderation we have now isn’t automated from posters flagging whatever they feel like, whether it breaks the forum CoC or not.

Edit - speaking of mass flagging I actually had a thread removed the other day for “trolling” when I was praising a few points about BfA. lol not joking.

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I want to play the game, it doesn’t deserve my money in its current state.

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Are we talking Forums or Beta for Azeroth

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Why not both?

Why not Zoidberg?

But yeah, the mass-flagging thing is real and I too have felt the sting of an undeserved suspension.

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Trust me, under 120 druids are the most knowledgeable around. If they say it’s failing guess its time to pack it in~~

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I could for around 4 months before it kicked in.

Did you try to put a ticket in? Just curious if you were given an automated reply.

I have been suspended a handful of times since the new forum came about, only once for something that felt deserved. The other stuff was pretty stupid. I was even suspended for using the term “simpleton”, not joking. I didn’t call anyone a simpleton, I just used the term and was suspended for harassment. lol

I hope they close this loophole when classic goes live.

I did on one but the suspension was up before I got the response that there was no hold on my account.

When you get a 24hr day off the forum from an auto message which doesn’t even state what post was the issue, it doesn’t make sense to try to do anything about it. That has happened to me once or twice.
I mean…how can you protest a suspension when you don’t even know what they’re referring to?

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Finally, one of the fools sees reason.

Not long and our reckoning shall come in full force.