Unpopular Idea: Thread Approval For GD Forums

Sadly some people’s definition of Trolling = saying your opinion, disagreeing, breathing oxygen, starting any post, supporting someone you dislike, giving answers that are too lengthy, giving short answers, not adding punctuation, doing too many bullet points, spelling errors, using logic and again breathing oxygen (we can’t waste that we need that to live man!!)

Sadly there are some here who use this definition to “weed out” others by utilizing the flagging system.

I miss the days where people could make fun posts that didn’t complain about everything.

Oh I’ll bite one last time.

I never.once said it was against the rules. There’s no “rule.” Most MMO sites with a sub just don’t allow it to keep trolling and spam to a minimum. It’s a perk for those who pay for the game. It’s not some law. :roll_eyes:

Use some logic, please.

Now I’m done.

I made a thread to get the answers.

You sure did. Right here:

If something ‘is not allowed’ then that would mean it’s against some form of rule.


Thst would be way to much power even for trust 3s to have, heck even mvps.

Lets leave the moderation to wow CMs. Or better yet. Lets create at least 2 to 3 jobs and hire some weds - sunday moderators.

I have found out that Aduins feet are a size 12 and 3 Dwarves weight 900lbs.
This is vital info I would not know without the free expression of the forums.

As terrible as GD is, isn’t that basically what the premise of Reddit is? It’s an echo chamber.

I wouldn’t mind certain topic spams resulting in permabans, though. I’m thinking of when everyone went hivemind and spammed the forums about freeing king hong.

I disagree entirely. The second people called out someone like Blizzard for things like their misleading tactics involving Long Boi, or their failure to communicate, we’d never see any constructive criticism. These forums are of “public opinion” not the latest in echo chamber technology.

With this kind of thing comes the element of human error and bias. Not happening, shouldn’t happen, and you shouldn’t suggest such nonsense because it’s bad juju.

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OP you do realize MVPs are not like CMs?

They dont spend all their time on forums they are simply players like us they just were exposed to felblood hence the green tint

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In my experience, the “mature folks” aren’t mature at all. They are just no fun. The source of their “chagrin” is their inability to deal with people who see things differently from them due to their own immaturity.

Alright, so it’s abusing a bug and/or exploit, which is very much against a rule. Thanks for backing me up.


Not even worth it, my friend. lol

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This isn’t a message board in China … we already have to much censorship here.

That’s one way to guarantee the rest of the people here go to Reddit.

You make it really hard not to support the OP. I can’t really see the downside of trolls and players that want to spam the forum going to reddit being a bad thing, the rest of us could have constructive conversation about the game then.

This isn’t an unpopular idea, this is just a bad idea.

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Can you really, though? With Blizzard basically deciding what conversations you’re allowed to have by default?

Yes, it would be easier to have constructive conversation with the trash threads removed. In my opinion, Blizzard already allows a lot more than they should so the idea that Blizzard would have an iron-fist when moderating threads is almost comical at best.