Next xpac hype?

World of Warcraft - Praetors of Time-gating


I don’t get it

I’m skeptical but still excited. I believe it takes awhile for the lessons of the current feedback to sink in. It’s not likely they could adopt the end of Legion into the start of BFA since it was already being worked on but that might appear in the next expansion. A lot of the starting BFA feedback also probably was early enough to make an impact for next expansion so we will see what they show this Blizzcon.

No hype this Dev team doesn’t have the talent to put out a quality product and the higher ups don’t want them too.


It’s not a bug. If all you want is a echo chamber of positivity then there is no reason to even read the forums . There is so much negativity because BFA is really really bad


It is a bug:

I don’t see it, I’ve been having a ton of fun since BfA launched. They’re are issues with IEs and Azerite gear, sure, but overall it’s a great expansion imho.

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that’s an emphatic NO. i’ve been mislead, underwhelmed, and lied to so much that i have no interest in the next x-pac at this moment. i won’t worry about the propaganda that will be spued at blizzcon. i’ll take a wait and see approach next year. i’m definitely not waiting 11 months for pathfinder part deux again either!


Im hyped still for BFA so no im not ready.

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It can’t be worse. So there’s that.

I was excited for the next expansion the second this one was announced. This expansion is exactly what I didn’t want.


After a few years of meh to flatout terrible, I can’t be excited for what’s to come. For me it’s best to set my expectations low.


Yea… well that’s GD for you…

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Why? I don’t get it, what’s so bad about BfA?

We have at-least 6 months of this tier :slight_smile:

There is no rush.

What’s GD? I don’t use the forums much?

Welcome to Crazy Town
Bring your own tin foil hat and enjoy the show

Not really.

The story’s going in a horrible direction. I’m definitely not excited for Anduin and Baine fighting tentacles in space.

They’ve said promising things about class design. But that’s the thing, they’ve only said those things. And they’ve managed to say promising things on class design for a while now, meanwhile class design gets worse every expansion.

On the off chance they don’t make things even worse, we’re still likely stuck with our redesigned specs. Maybe a different iteration of them, but I have no hopes that, say, Fury Warriors will get the Old Enrage mechanic back, or SV hunters will become SV hunters again.

Beyond that, remember that time last expansion when they said Legion Pathfinder took too long to come out? They made it even longer this time. They’re unlikely to do what they should, make flying available before max level like WotLK, so we’re stuck with pathfinder, or some tedious alteration of it.

I don’t see how anyone could be excited about the next expansion, honestly. They’ve proven themselves, on decision after decision, to be fundamentally disconnected from their community (Titanforging, Pruning, Expansion-specific auxiliary progression systems, Removal of ML, Pathfinder), why should we expect that to change at all?

I get that people think BfA is bad. It is. Legion was bad too, and so was WoD. Should we really trust that the next expansion is not only going to deviate from these fundamentally noxious trends, but do so to a degree that will right the wrongs accumulated over years?

I don’t. I’m not even an ardent Classic purist, but at this point, it’s all I’m waiting for. Retail can die in a fire.


WoW came back from the disastrous WoD; it could come back from BfA as well. Especially since WoD was worse than BfA.

Blizzard will take that as a challenge. We said We’d couldn’t be worse, and we get BFA

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