Trust 3 today! WOOT!

lol really? I thought I had read a bunch. Time to get cracking!

52 days, still not trust 3.

I’m meeting all the other criteria people have posted (not been suspended either, etc.)


  • 52 days visited

  • 3d read time

  • 1.9k topics viewed

  • 22.6k posts read

  • 663 given likes

  • 3 topics created

  • 1.6k posts created

  • 1.0k received likes

Unless there is a secret one that is “topics created.” I only have 3, since I don’t like to be spammy/be a “forum personality” who makes topics about whatever.

It is still only show max of 2, when pulling up *.json (then revolves back to 0, with no “trust 3.”)

Must not have received more than 5 spam or offensive flags (with unique posts and unique users for each, confirmed by a moderator)

That could be the only thing stopping it, but I don’t feel I’ve done that at all (though I don’t see a way to tell.) It also says, “confirmed by a moderator”, so that would exclude people just reporting stuff for the heck of it.

If it’s the same person, then they are creating new accounts which is stupid on their part and just goes to show how pathetic they are.

But either way, according to folks in the CS forum, the bug has been fixed so people posting do have subscriptions.

When you can’t post a gif of the horrific gif you found online that you pasted a vancleef head over with the caption " When you really need a staff in classic"

Now no one will see it…feels bad man.

No, blizzard just ‘lets’ them post again after a certain time frame for reasons unknown.

Someone just posted in the trust 3 lounge that they don’t have an active subscription but they can still post.

Then they’re not permanent bans. Otherwise, outside of forums like Customer Support and Technical Support people cannot post without an active subscription.

Permanent Bans are just that… permanent. Any successful appeals to Blizzard notwithstanding.

And someone in the CS forum said they don’t have a subscription and can’t post here in GD.

So one of them is lying… So whom to believe? Well, I am just going to go along with what the Sacred Yak says:

They might not have an active subscription, but they will probably have days left on their previous payment.

It is possible that you somehow have over 2.6k posts read that weren’t created “within the past 100 days”.


Not hardly? I mean, have the new forums even been around for 100 days? I can’t recall, exactly.

Plus it is 22.6 K, while I think someone said the requirement was 20 K.

I suppose it is possible.

Oh, I never thought of that. I did start with 503 posts (when the new forums came.) I never thought to check stuff like how many posts it said I read, at the start.

The new forums have been around 53 days now. But there was a carry over of some threads.

I just know there were people racing at the start of the new forums to pad their stats and one of them was to “scroll through certain big threads” for the post read count.

Don’t care .dont want to know .

Clearly you care if you went out of your way to post on here, otherwise why bother? Topic was originally asking about it before it kicked in.

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Speak for yourself, I’ve never been suspended from anything in my life.

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Some people just loves to cause drama and make themselves feel better. It’s really amusing because somehow not being suspended equals loving everything that goes on. Which is amusing because I’ve spoken up many times about what I dislike about BfA while at the same time not totally hating it.

Like Lightwood said, being a decent person isn’t that hard and the fact that some strive for being suspended says something.


I can’t help myself: you should try out zip lining, it’s the best way to be suspended… from a cable. Apologies it’s a bad joke.

Off topic: this is my 1234 post!

Some of you people got way too much time on your hands. Go read a book or something.

I don’t think people realize how simple it is to get there.

Scroll through to get reads. Look at interesting topics when you’re not doing anything. Like with WoW, just tab over every day for it to count as a visit. Oh yeah, and don’t get yourself in trouble by being toxic. Share feedback constructively. It really isn’t that hard.


No way, I saw that episode of South Park, ziplining is evil!

So far as I can tell, it has to do with how the forums count “days visited” in combination with what can only be a hidden internal timer. In my case, even though I exceeded all of the requirements, my TL3 didn’t kick in until my 52nd day visited. Your stats are even greater than mine (except days visited, which is currently displayed as the same) so as long as you’re sure you haven’t been flagged 5+ times–and you’d know, because you would receive a notification on the forums–it should roll over for you in a few days at most.

That’s just a guess though because I’m still not sure why I needed an extra day or two for it to consider me Trust 3.


Parasailing I haven’t done it but my daughter has she loved it.