More nerfs, without any balancing

I’m not crying lol. I press 3 buttons and top meters. Life is good. Hurry up and spit out your witty comeback.


Ah yes… EVERYONE in thousand needles is playing hunter because… Checks notes… Everybody is a hunter? Why are you commenting on a wrath character anyway LOL

Thanks for sharing I guess? Inside an attention-needy “I quit” thread.

You have defeated me. I yield to your obviously superior debating skills and logic.

EDIT: Just want to add some seriousness to offset my sarcasm. I stand with my Hunter brethren who are being dumped on by Blizzard. You hunter mains deserve better.


how is hunter worse than era? lol.

Is it because of balancing? I did actually quit during early Legion, mostly because I had thought of artifact weapons as items that strongly enforced single-specs for all content, and had decided that that would be the expansion and phase that I mained feral. I was very jealous of how well WW monks performed in all content, Raids, Mythic+, PVP in what would be a similar or the same spot.

IIRC, I even had a mail exchange with a customer service rep who asked me how Balance was, which was pretty much when I decided I was done. Looking back on that time now, it was a mindset that I had, not really what the game was about that made it feel like I was pigeon holed into a particular class/spec that wasn’t performing the way I wanted it to. And it wasn’t even too long after that that it was reworked to perform much better.

Anyway, looking at warcraft logs, the changes to hunters announced in:

don’t really make much sense, in my opinion. But, I’ll keep playing hunter and I’ll probably keep enjoying it.


I can name multiple massive improvements to every class. New abilities that has changed the meta for them. Hunter’s are in the exact same position they are in era at 25. When you compare what hunters are against the other classes, it’s extremely obvious they are worse off now than in era, because they didn’t get the same treatment other classes got.

Yes. Blizzard is always quick to nerf classes right into oblivion without any attempt at foresight. A lot of time and effort, completely made irrelevant because someone on reddit cried. Once you’re nerfed, you don’t get buffed. It takes an entire expansions worth of time to see any significant improvement. A dead class remains dead once it’s targeted. It’s not fun. Their press release comments don’t align with their behavior. These nerfs will have lasting impacts on later phases. Hunters scale poorly. They only get relatively worse from here on out and no uninspired runes blizzard is coming up with will solve that.

Conan… nice one!

and hunters position in era sub 40 is completely fkn overpowered.

It’s almost like a majority of the game isn’t sub 40 or something…

majority of this game and the balance in question is at 25. what youre complaining about is 25.

The only thing(s) that probably needed to be nerfed was wind serpent, just increase the cooldown on the lightning breath, and eyes of the beast, which should not have infinite range.

25 is over in 3 weeks you Neanderthal. Level 25 is less than 10% of the total timeline for SoD. I swear the posters in these forums would fail an iq test. They wouldn’t even register a value. Their ignorance is so vast, it cannot be measured.

its 100% of the time we’ve experienced and will be for the rest of the month as well.

Truth. They always dominated in this level range particularly and remain strong in PVP at 60.

Considering there are a lot of hunter bots and a lot of people use it for soloing (because having a pet is pretty OP, and you can hit higher level mobs easy as hunter), I don’t know if “fun” has to do with the reason why many people play a hunter lol.


They’re also gonna have to revert the priest nerfs at 60 or they’ll be forever dumpster.

Him or someone who has parroted him somewhat mentioned, but with no credit, an alternative history to classic. It’s the timeless woe is me, hunters so bad in classic, irrelevant class, worst class, can’t get raid spot, can’t get pvp spot, etc. etc.

Which, to everyone who was there, is not succinct to reality at all. Him, and a few other very loud man-children like him are basing level 25 performance, in yes, what is an experimental version of the game as the nail in the coffin going forward for the class. It has no hope. There’s no chance of any changes to come down the line.

He wants to be unhappy about it? Fine. Quitting and being as verbose about it in multiple threads about why he’s quitting while any future potential is nothing but doom & gloom? No one cares and it’s pathetic that he’s this emotionally invested to tell everyone. See you guys in two weeks. It’s obvious if you’re this upset about something that fundamentally does not matter at all, in any dimension, that you’re a slave to it. Maybe it is best you take a step away and really do some introspection to your priorities and the difference between reaction and response.

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BM needs another nerf. This isn’t good enough. The rune should be an active ability from your pet—not a FLAT BUFF to damage and regen. The pet was already hilariously OP until 60 WITHOUT pet scaling added. Pet scaling ALONE is a massive buff to hunter pets—the rune is ridiculous.

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the rune giving pets passive adrenaline rush and making it past internal testing is pretty hilarious. even that woulda been fine if serpents were doing the 40 damage a zap they normally do at 30.