More nerfs, without any balancing

Sub already cancelled. Class is dead and dumpster fire as they intended. The people at Blizzard literally wish deep hatred on those playing hunter. I’m not joking. They would literally poison the water of hunter players if they could and piss on their graves.

There is deep seeded hatred with Blizzard and hunter players, Hitler would be proud of that level of hatred.

Someone should hire a psychiatrist to investigate the blizzard developers mental state.


You know whenever I go into Thousand Needles like 90% of the /who list is hunters. Lmao

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Oy vey hunters got nerfed it’s like another shoah


Isn’t a nerf balancing though? Why yes, I think it is

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Yeah, but didn’t you hear? They’re the only “pure” DPS class. Apparently that means they should be demigods or something

No, people shifted to it because it’s the only viable form of gameplay hunters have.

This change nerfed the pet without increasing the power of the hunter.

25 is peak hunter. Relative to every other class, they only get weaker at the core where as everyone else gets stronger.

Yes. 11/12 of the runes are complete garbage. Only 1 is great, and it’s a flat 20% stat buff.

That’s the proper fix.

Do the buffs first and no one will care when they nerf the pets later. The problem is they’re straight up nerfing everything all the time and skipping the ‘balancing’ step for the other builds.


“Pure DPS” with a pet that can raid tank, and access to highly coveted raid buffs.


It’s wild when 80% of any zone is hunters and they get a 10% damage nerf to pets and start acting like it’s the end of the world. More to come hopefully. When your pet is literally a tank shaman with ghost wolf speed who can earth shock every couple of seconds we’ve got a problem. It’s player versus player but this season has felt like player versus pet and let’s be real we all knew hunters were gonna be dominant in this level range but not to this extent. It’s frustrating to witness so little interaction in a fight. Look at combat logs against a geared hunter and it’s just white hits, maybe a raptor strike and shock breath 7 times. I can beat hunters with mid gear but forget about it once they’re stacked with stam. They outlive every time effortlessly.


No one has been raid tanking with their pet for weeks now, since the last huge nerf.

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Jesus christ dude. The zone is all hunters because thats where you tame level 25 wind serpents and cats. Piss off with your ‘muh nerf hunter rhetoric’ you’re so freaking cringe its unreal.


No, I actually just canceled my sub. Haven’t played WoW since 2018 and I remembered why now.

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Hunters are such a bad class that no one rolls them. I mean if they were any good you might start seeing some hunters out in the world.

BUT ANYWAYS, it’s clear Blizzard hates Hunters, and that’s why they’re the least popular class. Because they can’t do anything. They can’t perform in the open world, they can’t PvP, they’re probably below boomkins on the meters (did I mention nerf starsurge?), and the class is just COMPLICATED to play and stressful with all the responsibilities they have.


Imagine being this upset over a version of a game that is almost 20 years old, in an experimental state, over a brain dead class in a level bracket that doesn’t require more than 2 days played to reach and be geared for.

You’ve got much deeper problems in your life to address.


We are balancing for fun above all else. We want to make sure that we’re not spending too much time trying to just kind of like fine-tune everything at the cost of focusing on delivering phenomenal content to our players.

Meanwhile, there has been a nerf to what I’m playing every week since launch. All of the runes are no where near phenomenal. It’s not fun, so I quit. There’s nothing experimental here. Hunter is worse than era. It’s World of Warriorcraft, season of the warrior. Private servers make better new experiences than blizzard does, and they do it for free.


contemplate this on the tree of woe

yea no one plays the most popular class in sod

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My 3 buttons are harder to push than your 3 lol. Get outta here bro.

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There are quests down there that everyone is capable of taking. The zone is full of hunters. Now tell me how something as brief as taming a pet is taking up so much presence over an entire zone’s quests? Might have something to do with them being the only ones capable of soloing the level 31 mobs associated with these quests. Is this giving you any hints? Maybe the fact that so many people are rolling hunters and running straight down there for their overpowered pet?

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I know right. No one plays hunters.

Cry more bro