More nerfs, without any balancing

I’m just glad I leveled a warrior first…my hunter isn’t max yet even tho they are fun. I guess it really is season of warriors again

you think wars are going to make it to p2 as is? im sure blizzard realizes enrage rune with added whrilwind mortal strike and slam might be a little strong

Hunters built their own nerf chambers confirmed.

I love hunter tears. Yum yum

What’s that got to do with anything?

This is a good thing.

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I just hope they keep beast mastery playable. It’s a gigantic tears generator for classic players apparently but it’s very possible to have a spec that deals most of its damage through pets and remains balanced when you look at retail.

People forgetting there’s gonna be big reds everywhere in a few weeks.

The pets needed a nerf. And probably still do.

Seeing you have a full on crybaby meltdown because hunters will no longer be obscenely OP in pvp is hilarious to me.

If you really did cancel your sub, which i doubt because tantrum throwers like you always lie to get your way, then good riddance and stop posting


Hunter is amazingly fun to play in classic, wtf are you talking about?

Which has nothing to do with the point that they are not doing both sides of the equation.

Even simply clustering runes that make sense in the same slot(like lone wolf in the same slot as beast master) would allow for different game play. Right now almost every rune that you want to run with something else is in the same slot as something it combos with.


If you want to play an idle game there’s nothing stopping you. Hunters are incredibly strong in every aspect even with all the nerfs and yall still complain that your pet doesn’t get to just do everything for you.

The problem isn’t that they nerfed something for pvp, its that the nerf also affects pvp, on a class that needs no pve nerfs lol

Melee weaving hunter is prob one of the most difficult rotations in classic imo

But yea, due to auto attack damage on hunter pet and player auto is like 70% of the damage

You are a joke, show me one hunter who can solo an elite 15 levels higher? Ill be waiting with proof.

Hunter actually needs more nerfs to the pet, and shift the power to the hunter themselves who must actively play more.

Don’t forget it also DOES NOT WORK with chimera shot. You get no extra damage

Beast mastery should be about the pet doing damage and it’s not mutually exclusive with your second statement, it already works like that in another version of the game.
But the runes feel rushed and the gameplay is extremely bland and automated.

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Problem with that is hunter spells like arcane shot and serpent sting all scale from spell power. So its just a auto attack spec unless blizz adds a rune to change aecane shot and serpent into a new spell that scales.

Thats why arcane shot does like 3 to 4% of total damage. 70 to 80% of hunter damage is auto attacks and pet damage. Thats why its so easy. You can just afk and do good damage

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