More nerfs, without any balancing

A nerf to the beast mastery rune is a nerf to the beast mastery playstyle. A BM hunter did not gain any damage at all from the other listed changes.

A nerf to the beast mastery rune is a nerf to the melee hunter playstyle. A melee hunter did not gain any damage at all from the other listed changes.

Marksmen hunters are still nerfed. When you take away 75%/30% of their damage, and then give 5%/15% of it back this is not a buff. It’s still a nerf.

It’s obvious no one on the dev team plays the class. They have no idea what they’re doing with it. 11/12 of the hunter runes are completely useless. Other classes got huge runes that completely changed their gameplay, increased their mobility, and increased their survivability. Hunters got nothing remarkable. No utility. No mobility. Chimera shot isn’t viable phase 2, because viper sting and serpent sting break freezing trap and scatter shot. Using chimera refreshes the sting, which means as a hunter you can never CC the target. With warriors endlessly charging, and rogues with a ranged stun/teleport there’s no way to create space to even play marksman properly. Melee is even worse. Flanking strike and its awful reset design is terrible for a consistent experience. It is also heavily dependent on the beast mastery rune because carve is completely unusable. Melee hunters completely lack any abilities to connect with their target. No stealth, dash, charge, etc…

The class is a dumpster fire. Nerfing BM isn’t going to get people to play the poorly designed other options. It’s just going to cause people to cancel their sub.


Will the tragic life of Hunters never see relief? How could Blizzard nerf the worst class in the game? They can’t kill normal mobs 10 levels lower, much less solo elites 15 levels higher. They’re helpless in PvP. Their pet just dies and they have no damage.

Wait, no, all of that is wrong and it’s still overpowered. Nerf them again, Blizzard. Don’t stop until Hunter is no longer the most played class by a mile.


Have you ever stopped to consider why half the player base plays BM hunter?

Contemplate that and see what you come up with.


Have you ever stopped to read a post before responding to it?

Yea, it was a sky is falling post when it’s not.


As long as they are leaving rogues alone.


Hunter mains about to have their Villain Arc.

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Meh, it is what it is. If they can get it together for level 40? Will stay subbed, but trying to pass off a flat out nerf as a buff? That’s just sad.


No it wasn’t. It’s a hunter is completely trash and unfun design and the runes don’t evn work with the class. They don’t need % tweaking. They need a complete redesign. You’re just a troll poster.

This is not an exaggeration either. I’m in a BfA raid right now. Guess what color half these health bars are?

perfectly said, devs dont know what they are doing with this class, they make it worse and worse and worse.

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And yet somehow there’s more hunter players than any other class by a mile.

It’s so unfun.

That’s a weird paradox don’t you think?


Paradox doesn’t mean it isn’t a reality. Hunter is boring, it’s just brokenly powerful.

So nerf it until it’s not so powerful that people feel compelled to play it.

Class counts don’t matter when bots exist in such mass. Mage/Hunter/Rogue are always the go to botting classes. With how prevalent botting is in SoD it’s very easy to say those class numbers are extremely inflated and not accurate to the number of people playing them.

Bad phall, bad. Shoo.

Hunters: How dare I be the #1 pvp class and only a top dps contender+. I demand to be S tier!!

Shadow Priests and Enhance Shamans:


Are unkillabe in pvp.


So… you rolling hunter P2 or what?


BM game play right now is just degenerately easy which is why so many have shifted to play it. Just send your pet in with the BM rune and it can practically solo someone. The power of the hunter needs to be shifted to the actual hunter and not the pet. Adding % modifiers to the pet is the wrong way to go about it. Things will improve next phase when classes get more access to survivability talents and gear with stam on it, but access to the good BM talents also open up.

The underlying issues of poor scaling still exist which is why BM is the default pick. Mana costs of marksman abilities are too high where as the pet requires no mana and does the same damage if not more over the length of any fight. Stings still do trash damage (16 a tick) and immo trap does around 21 a tick which is also bad.

The most problematic part of everything right now is that hunter runes straight suck and offer no solutions to make hunter rotations engaging. KC works with like one pet now. Sniper training is almost impossible to use in every situation. Serpent spread applies as a 32 damage sting when most of the time a sting is already on the boss due to it’s 6 second duration. Chimera just wasn’t enough damage and costs way too much mana for any fight of length. ES is worthless except in very niche situations. Cobra strikes only works on shot abilities and as BM you only have multi and arcane shot which rarely crit with current gear. Lion is basically a mandatory pick in that slot.

Make the other specs appealing for hunters who want to push buttons and nerf the pet to a level they aren’t bringing more power than the hunter. You’ll cut down the amount of people that roll hunter when there is some actual complexity required to do damage on the class.