I dont understand these hunter nerfs

This same low iq opinion is everywhere. All classes in classic wow are easy to play. There isn’t a single build on any class which requires any real ‘skill’. They are are 2-3 buttons for every dps rotation.


All classes are easy, but only 1 has their pet doing half their damage.

Case and point.

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Yeah none of these people have played hunter if they think they are the easiest class to play. Your pet certainly doesn’t do 50% of your damage and Beast mastery and kill command are not your BIS DPS runes if you are parsing well.

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Correct, the only difference is that hunters actually have like 6 buttons to press and have to melee weave and manage a pet and distance to target.


No you absolute caveman, smooth brain, double digit iq poster. Hunters have the same amount of things to press as other classes do. If you really want to get down to it, positioning and controlling the movement of 2 units makes them actually more difficult than any other class.


Then you shouldn’t care about the pet nerf.

Awesome glad we are on the same page.

To be fair, it has been long enough without hunter nerfs that the meme was dying.


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in reality, if anyone is going to care about the changes, its anti hunter crowd, here on the forums. once they realize that pets are still gonna hit hard and arent just worthless bots to ignore, the forums will still be covered in posts calling for more nerfs. go read my post

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Nobody cares about the mom class.

They can nerf it into the ground and the rest of us would still have a blast.

The less hunters we see stealing good loot the better.


I don’t care about the pet nerf. I’m actually happy with the buff to the other things (even though it probably could have been done a bit better) and the pet nerf doesn’t affect me at all, because BM and KC were not very good to begin with. But that’s also why you shouldn’t care about the pet nerf lol. I think it is funny that they acknowledged that they over-nerfed all the other runes by buffing them now though.

and the true colors have been revealed, you just unreasonably hate hunters just like the rest of these forum crawlers because you probably got bodied by one in Warsong.


The rest of the forum?

You mean the rest of the game.

Nobody likes hunters except mothers and people who got picked last in gym class.

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pets are pretty broken (shakes fist at windserpent in particular) in most of the game from all forms of pve to all forms of pvp.

its a well known thing that anyone with a serious and critical eye on things knows.

now that thats out of the way i will move on to the real point.

this is season of discovery and alot of classes got loads of new abilities and even new roles that are mostly great (rogue tanks are meh) .

the hunter got a beefed up ai pet and a melee ability or two and that was about it.

the pet rune is the only thing worth running in raids and pvp for anyone who wants to preform up to snuff and its a solidly boring spec to play.

wheres the pizzazz ? make a fully fleshed out melee spec? make the aspects affect changes like for instance aspect of the monkey being a tank spec or something that buffs melee by some effect?

like very little went into something new that the player had to push new buttons to do or give some other playstyle rather than the same old classic era hunter .

you want to nerf it ? fine.

add something else in its place to compensate. make them play differently with actual incentives to play such.

make lone wolf 25% or more.

switch around some of the rune slots so people can build a marksman hunter.

rethink the massive cooldown on flanking strike.

make the aspects do different things that produce new and exciting playstyles.

dont just excessively nerf a class and give them nothing and no direction for new gameplay styles that would be acceptable.

push them into something new.

test out putting lone wolf to 25%.

we got a month to burn anyways. let people test it.


yea being 3rd place is rough. you’re even beating 2 wild strikes classes.

Before release they tested Lone Wolf at 25% and it was completely broken and changed to 15%, so really doubt they’re gonna put it back somewhere they found it to be significantly better than the un-nerfed pets.

That’s the only way anyone is going to bother giving up BM. Either Lone Wolf gets a buff, or it will always be useless.

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This is just them catering to PvP players. As a strictly PvE person, these changes make no sense at all since Rogue and Warrior is already out doing us. I’ll say it again, when they say they want everyone to feel good and powerful they lied. They refuse to buff people who actually need it, and then nerf hunters as a scape goat. Not to mention the priest healing nerfs, that’s 100% pure PvP motivated.


Some of the least intelligent people I have ever met often have this unwavering self assuredness. It’s quite fascinating.

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Currently (prior to these changes) the #3 overall hunter on logs is using Chimera Shot, BM is going to be significantly worse than Chimera Shot after this change goes live. I have been using Chimera shot because I find it more fun and it created real mana issues, so this is going to be a huge buff for me at least.