What changed between last night and today?

According to a recent blue post, thats not correct on live servers.

Apparently its dynamic AND takes all realms into account somehow.

I knew going to college was a waste! :sob::sob::sob:

(but seriously, stay in school kids. :+1:)

I’ve just installed teamview on my phone and PC this morning. so i’ll be logged in by the time i get home:)


They have a blue post about it. The algorithm bases sever population off the largest server. So most severs are high. It is just Herod and Feralina are beyond full, to the point where they have thousands of extra players. So it messes up their system, they said they would look into it.

MY 14k queue last night on Stalagg felt pretty damn full!


I can’t imagine why NA realms populations would tank overnight on a weekday. It’s almost as if people have jobs.


Retail still has like 20+ full servers at the same time, just saying.

People stay plugged in All Day, Every Day ,ain’t no one got time for anything else.

The only thing that has changed, is the algorithm that blizzard uses to distinguish between realms with queues, and realms without queues.

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I’m sure the fact that it’s maintenance day as well plays into it

queues were very long all night long.
i tried faerlina at 2 am eastern and it was at 16k deep. i tried again at 7 am and it was at 4k.

i ended up going to a low pop realm and everything was super smooth.
just not sure i want to do the whole low pop thing again.

It’s a Tuesday. Most classic fans are adults with jobs now. They had to go to sleep and get up for work.

I’m sure this evening it will be back to long queues and this weekend will be a mess again

That’s what happened with me. I even got home early from work and tried to login to Stalagg ASAP… 14k queue. :frowning:

I’ve found numbers drop in the morning around 6 or 7 EST. By noon EST they will be shot back up with queues, don’t worry it’s still a cluster**** of fun

Nature is crazy like that.

this seems so obvious.

It reps how many people are accessing the server at that time after their Hotfix yesterday

shhhh! don’t give the others ideas!!!

Capacity is dictated by online players, not total players.

Absolutely the wrong way to do it since it gives people false hope. Then come peak time and BAM - FULL.

Whoever had the idea to show the pop this way needs to be fired and never work in the industry again. That’s such an adolescent mistake.

How hard would it be just to add a new column to the server selection screen? Keep the population metric as it was before (indicated by total realm population), and make a new column indicating whether there is a queue. Hell, maybe even show the actual queue numbers, refreshing every 5 or so minutes.