So I *AM* on a low pop server... BUT

So yeah, I read all the noise about q’s before game launch. Our guild was all set to go to Gehennas and we had reserved all our names, then added more alts and banks right before launch. However, in the end we heeded Blizzards warnings, even though we wanted to be on a full server (but without APES!) and switched at the last minute to a newly released low pop server and had to recreate our names (now my main is stuck with a crappy ascii letter)

So why exactly do I have a 113 min queue on this new low pop server at the moment??? This needs explaining.

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See this Blue post. There’s a problem with the “low,” “medium” etc. tags.


I get their explanation but ours was a freshly released server at launch. If ours is now full (even though not showing that), then they really missed the ball on predicting activity.

It’s full and yes, they very much underestimated how many want to log in and play a bit.

On the other hand, will this last? People enjoy the lower levels, but it will get grindy and they’ll remember that or just know it from other’s comments. It will drop off. I’d rather have queues for the first week then a majority being dead servers like retail is.

People are finally migrating to low pop servers and now those will be full, more will come

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Sorry mate, but you sound like a certain “J. Allen Brack”. We are here to stay for the long haul. Too bad for us while we wait for all the retailers to figure out this is too hard for them.

Edit: Not you specifically, but your message. didn’t mean to come across harsh. Just irate atm.

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I have a 900 person queue at 1:30cst on a weekday, it looks like playing at night will likely be impossible for a long time. I’m on Pagle which shows up as low too.

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Blizzard had the ability to prepare for this, both in terms of hardware, layering strats, and name reservations. This is so screwed up. They essentially stated that if you dont want to play classic beyond 2 months then dont play at all.

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but I am here for 2+ years

Yes, this is the key. Blizzard knew this would happen, that’s why we have layering in place. They still lowballed it pretty badly, but most people are predicting a 40-70% die off. Blizzard would rather have the rough entry than the dead realms.

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Blizz could have sold long term subs specifically for classic that lets you cut the line.

:frowning: I sure didn’t mean it that way, but there literally are tourists playing. A good portion of my friends lists don’t think they’ll play it long term. I’m not even sure, but I can guarantee the next 3 months before I get bored.

This is why idk what to do

I feel like im damned if i do damned if i don’t. lol

I was able to get on kroamush pvp last night without issue, god help streamer servers though