Low pop realm survey

This morning I see many many realms now showing LOW pop. Including the realm I joined.

Anyone else out there who finds themselves on a low pop server now if you don’t mind posting some data here as follows

Realm name / region
Time / time zone
Results from /who westfall or barrens
Results from /who in cities
Is general chat active in your leveling area?

Just wanted to take the pulse of various servers.

It may be better to level up on a small server, can’t really say, may even be better to have a smaller economy.

If you don’t feel like posting your data what are your thoughts on playing on a low pop server , at what point is the pop too low, where do you draw the line ? Silent general chat in starting areas is a good indicator imho, but we will see

Good luck to everyone in classic !

Check this Blue post. TLDR is “low” in Classic right now doesn’t mean what we’re used to it meaning.

if you want to pick ‘active’ servers than wait for peak times. queue’s will all likely be back to 2000+ (minimum of 30mins) . last servers added were like that until around 2am. server like herod still had hours long queue. 25k+(6 hours+)

mind you, i expect about half the amount of people in queue by tonight already.

herod already had queue before maintenance so time will tell.

Thanks for the replies guys, and I did see the blue post referenced above that’s great info.

What I want to avoid is getting better past level 35 or so and not having enough players to form the groups I need. I like dungeons a lot . U

From what I can tell the algo is wonky as some reported Herod as medium pop, while I showed high pop only a few min later, accord to post timestamps at least.

I know things will stabilize and even out, and even if we knew how things would play out on our server, is it better to be on a lower population server or is it better to have it full, or somewhere in the middle .

From my vanilla time , I played at launch and then again when “new servers” were released, and based on past experience lower pop is better.

sulfuras pvp
eastern (new low pop)
pop wasnt low really … but the quests were doable.
no wait to get in last night at 2 am and no wait this morning at 7 am.