Just what is a "Full Realm"?

Once a realm is full should not the next one be populated? What is the reasoning for over populating realms so badly? With queue times like this it is no wonder people are finding ways to avoid logging off which exasperates the issue.

Our launch experience was a 16 hour queue. Not the return to Azeroth I had hoped for.

People picked the realms. They arent being shuffled or forced to them. A full realm is just that, one at capacity. You can sit in queue to play on it, or you can pick another one.

I picked a medium population realm. Once Full why did they not move on? This is way overbooked, imo. Do you get what I mean? Why are they doing that?

I found a blue post that might help shed some light on just exactly how the Realm Population actually works. Apparently it is dynamic and based off the highest populated realms. Check it out:

You chose a realm… the fact that you waited 12 hours to get in means that you chose one of the most populated realms. This actually means that you are doing exactly what you just said. instead of choosing a different server when it was full you also helping in over populating a high pop realm. There are many to choose from and almost all are filling because so many people want to play.

I get it. They want to play on that server, too. They probably picked it when it was medium. And now they are on it, too. And the criteria for being medium shifts depending on the overall queues.

Thanks I’ll look into that.

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Some realms became full first day, but people STILL kept rolling on them. So it’s full x lets say once every 3 days = 7 times over.

@Tygar (cant seem to reply to your post)…

The realm was medium when I chose it. Thanks.

Ahh that makes sense. Yea sorry about that. That is a bummer.

“Which of course is totally down to Blizzard’s refusal to LOCK SERVERS FOR CHARACTER CREATION when the numbers on that server hit the KNOWN CAP the server could handle without long queues.”

Once of the first replies in that thread you posted explains the issue perfectly.

I do not think they have ever locked char creation except when a server is already in the process of being merged.

Thanks…it’s been a very frustrating experience. Please forgive my tone.