🌬 Looking for tanks with no pants or wearing tight leather

Who’s recruiting for the Dingus Brigade
Casual, old, and all types of classes-
A family to trust and alts to develop
Where everyone slams the Stockade.

Who’s needing tanks for all of their healers
Warmode, Mythics, and Raiding some day
Tanks with no pants or wearing tight leather
Everyone knows we’re squealers.

And Dingus have lots of chores
We don’t go outdoors
and are such great Mentors
Rum will be poured.
(Rum will be poured!)
And we’re carnivores.
(And we’re carnivores!)

Think that you’re Dingus Enough?
Yes, we are liking it rough!
But most are not that tough.
Not that tough…
(Not that tough)
Join the Brigade
(The Dingus Brigade)

Who’s posting in the blizzard recruitment
Looking for tanks that can hold their own beer
Who’s asking ya’ll for old, casual players
Everyone knows I’m 'lusty.

pst Kiriin#1940
dingusbrigade dot com

:beers: The Dingus Brigade :beers: