Looking for Beginner Friendly Guild

I’m looking to learn how to do dungeons and raids. I’m not max level yet, and I don’t have a lot of time to play consistently as I have responsibilities that preclude me from committing to specific times and days to play. I’m looking for people who understand that family and real world responsibilities come first, but who also enjoy the social aspect of being in a guild and are okay with a beginner learning. We all have to start somewhere! I’m on a new player server, so I’m okay with switching for the right guild. Please let me know if you’re interested in a new member like me. Thanks for your time!

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Although horde, you might consider us if you don’t mind quiet and small. We like to teach, and want to build up our online core crew with the right folk. Latest True Casual recruiting breadcrumbs will lead you to more information if you are inclined… <3 make sure you get what you want- it’s your time… and … well… time is money, friend.

Thanks for the recommendation, but I’ve already started a Horde toon, so I don’t think I can swing having an alt or switching my main at this time. Best of luck to you!

Prowlers of the Night on Mal’Ganis may be a good fit for you! We’ve got a recruitment post up at the moment that largely focuses on our raiding progression and dungeons, but we’re a pretty social guild overall that has had a lot of newbies over the years.

I don’t think we’ve got anyone around your level currently, but if nothing else, we’re good to ask questions and chatter with if you’re ever feeling lost.

Hi there! I have a guild on Lightbringer that is Alliance. We specialize in teaching new players and returning players. We also believe real life comes first (all of us have jobs and families). We also have a very active discord and are very social people. We have some members who don’t even play wow anymore, they just hang out with us while they play other games. Let me know if you’re interested! Our guild is called I Just Work Here.