🧠 [A] all things wow, can we trust you?... for shenanigans?

I really, really struggle reading the recruitment forums each day trying to find the lost souls that are perhaps meandering in the other “game related forums.” :heartpulse:

Out of fear of being trolled by trying to recruit on the quest/ pet/ lore boards, I will attempt to find my casual, respectful, “patient”, family member here. We want “you.” You being a person that we invite into our actual home and invest in being something/someone in your life. :cat: :monkey: :dog2:

Casual, focused, hard core casual, etc. in game- just someone we can trust and that brings a smile to our face, as we can share the love of the game that encompasses so much more than just bigger and bigger gear and mechanics.

We’ll get there when we get there. :beer: :taco:

I promise, a new song rewrite for recruit is coming. :notes:
:four_leaf_clover: Thank you for the consideration.



:partying_face: Congrats! It was a long time coming, but there was enough interest and availability to acquire a Guild Achievement Molten Core run. BOOYAH!

Granted- the commotion of herding cats and then letting them lose without a leash had consequences seen in chaotic guild chat and missed opportunities to talk to new recruits. Alas. WoW is not a job. For those that were casualties, in and out of guild, please don’t be offended <3 It’s the nature of the beast.

I want to know more about THIS community!

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THIS is who I meant to post as… I get lost in my sea of alts!

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The Giving Tree :deciduous_tree:
the Princess Bride :peanuts:
Roll the Bones :guitar:
the Transporter :red_car:
Nora Jones :musical_note:
Three Stooges :older_adult: :older_man: :man_white_haired:
Beer! :beer:

If you find yourself with these things in common and are looking for a social guild that focuses on building trust and friendships vs getting to the next I-Level. Drop us a note. We’re into a bit of everything. (Mythics, Classic, questing, soloing, collecting, and fishing included) Kiriin #1940 - Alliance- Greymane

shameless alt bump as it still fits today. So many raiders, mythic plus, AoTC, and gear scores. In the rare case of casual, it’s casual-but-we-do-it-all. That’s not us. We’ll never be big, or ahead of the curve- because what matters to us at the end of the day, is trust and family- both in game and out.

For us, our home is free from obligations, even for officers- from obligated greeting, to obligated helping, obligated grouping and more. We don’t get offended if there’s not someone out there- because we know. We know there are days where you don’t feel like talking, or your cat knocked the drink on the keyboard, or your mother-in-law called and is talking about coming over. Things will get missed, but we understand. We still care. We help when we can. We talk when we can. We group when we can. We have fun together - when we can. Everything else- will still be there, when we can - together.

It’s a double edged sword, to keep a range of players with goals stretching the gambit and that have patience to continue to grow, but grow slowly, so we can get to know you. There’s a good reason behind it. It’s our hearts we’re caring for. We’ll care for yours even when you graduate to game levels beyond what we can provide.

We have a variety of recruiting posts, if you search, and while reaching out to folk may help people feel needed and wanted- we give people their space. Trust is a two way street; let’s earn it together.

It’s a different approach, but it’s our approach. We want to grow and have that foundation, but we aren’t going to meet the needs of players that need things now. It is a community philosophy, but unfortunately our members prefer the simplicity of - one home one place, and it’s a struggle to promote the cross server function.

Every so often, we poke our head up, look around, and say hi. There’s a lot out there like us, but very few on the forums. If you got this far- thanks for the time. Wishing everyone a safe holiday and good things to come in 2022.

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