Lightforged customization for blood elves

I think it’s only fair that blood elves have unique skins. Blizz gave the alliance all the skins of the blood elves and now it also gives hair colors as well, clearly there is no thematic or visual difference between the blood elves and void elves. now the void elves have two different visual themes which would be the normal thalassian and a void theme, but the blood elves the main race only has the normal thalassian.
Since the alliance is receiving customization of a horde race it would be nice if we also have customization of an alliance race to have a second visual theme in the same way that void elves have.
that’s why I think we should have lightforged customization, that would respect the lore of the blood elves in these years.
the sunwell radiates light to the blood elves all the time it is normal that like the golden eyes also other changes are seen.
There are those who argue that the lightforged process is not something easy to achieve but the naaru can do that. In queldanas there was a naaru kiru it could easily be explained that that naaru simply transformed the blood elves into lighforged or that it was the power of the sunwell that also comes from a naaru. the point is that there are valid reasons to have customization lightforged
like this


Sure, if it will make people stop complaining about Alliance stealing Horde customization. More customization for everyone would be great.


Sure. Get some golden tattoos and shiny hair.

I’m not sure what Naaru you’re referencing here though.

Additionally, the Lightforging process isn’t something unique to the Draenei. Turalyon is a Lightforged human, so essentially any race could potentially be Lightforged I’d say.


This needs to be the “take home” line for customization in general me thinks.



and even the naaru can force the process as we see with xera or draenor

Ahh yes, that one. Ok gotcha.

The only thing I would question is if only Prime Naaru are able to complete the Lightforging process or not. The Lightforging process is pretty vague.

min 18:31

There’s a damn Lightforged demon, some orcs Lightforged by a slightly different process, a Lightforged human…

Sure, it could happen.

Be nice to have some story behind it, but that’s not an… uncommon thread with customization options.


I think that taking into account the lore blood elf where the light aspect is becoming very important it would be a good add
It would also make the difference between void elf and light elf clearer

It’d be interesting. Not exactly my groove; I’ve want wretched looks for a while, but far be it from me to yuck someone’s yum.

So if I understand the Mag’har scenario correctly, that is X’era from the AU. So to get her on your side, you would essentially be welcoming the Lightbound to invade Azeroth.

Also, I’m not too certain what that video was supposed to dispute as they didn’t Lightforge anyone. There wasn’t any clarification in the video on that process.

They would need to enlighten on the process more in general because the LFD scenario really doesn’t clarify much itself.

it’s not xera it’s a generic naaru

Well they refer her as the Light Mother, which in itself is interesting on it’s own. It could be a different Prime Naaru or it could be a regular Naaru.

However, I’m still not sure what this has to do in getting clarification if any Naaru can Lightforge a being or if it’s only a Prime Naaru ability.

wretched? you know they use the undead model right? they could actually be used to add elf customization to forsaken

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I’ve always thought it’d be cool to play an elf who was almost completely lost before being pulled back from the brink.

It’s what I’ve got going on with my maximally wrinkly faced nightborn and something I’m kind of hoping for with their customizations. Though given how far most peoples’ preferences are the exact opposite way, I’m not lobbying super hard for it.

I just hope the incoming customizations are neat and people are happy with them. And that more are coming soon.

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normal naaru

I don’t think you should approach this from the perspective of being ‘‘fair’’ or not.

because if you are going to talk about justice, inevitably talk about equity.

Blood Elves are the most popular race in the game, the one most players use, one that has the most if not the most customizable race. If you are going to compare Blood Elves with Gnomes or Mechagnoms for example, where is the justice? Would it be ‘‘equalize’’ the amount of customizations?
If it’s about fairness, there are many other races that need to match the most popular race in the game.

Blood Elves already have it all.

Now, apart from the justice agenda, we could demand more and more customizations simply because the game lacks customizations, and that never hurts.


Sticky this thread.

But that isn’t exactly the one they are referring to as the Light Mother. That could be K’ara for all we know.

But to recap, I’m not against your suggestion, I’m just saying that there is some clarification that Blizzard needs to implement for the Lightforging process in a general sense.

It is possible that the Naaru K’iru is able to Lightforge a being. What I’m saying is that we just don’t know about that possibility. We would also need clarification that K’iru is even on the Isle of Quel’thalas after the cleansing of the Sunwell.

the race with the most customization in the game is night elf