#LayerArugal - Please

Layering on Arugal needs to return. The game is unplayable without it. Orgrimmar is already struggling under it’s own weight due to the amount of players there.

While layered, the server never felt empty - I did the Scarab Lord grind and banged the gong. I’m on almost every non working/non sleeping hour because we’re in stage 4 lockdowns during a pandemic and I have nothing better to do - and never once did I think “hm, this world seems empty” on either layer.

The decision to remove layering on Arugal is misinformed at best, or malicious at worst. The server is already reaching 1 hour+ queues on a Saturday night when usually not a lot of people are on. Tomorrow will be busier. Wednesday and Thursday will be a colossal nightmare.

Some Queue Data
Some beautiful data compiled over at the Arugal Subreddit (Thanks to /u/werfyaus)
Werfyaus’ Spreadsheet

Here are the queues that people are reporting
Saturday 22/08 Evening: 4+ hours
Sunday 23/08 Evening: 5+ Hours
Monday 24/08 Evening: 5+ Hours

I understand you may want to remove layering, but at least understand your community a bit more - wait for our lockdowns to finish and traffic begins to drop off before you make the call to remove layering.

All the threads are getting merged and I want to address a few of the more toxic posters/dismissals. Many of you are reading replies from Azazil, Aresia, Joyson, Twinkledum, Kickpoly, Askimos and others and may feel compelled to respond to them.

Their opinions are noted, and discarded. Their decrying of our situation is meaningless and worthless. Arugal as a community is speaking out about how we feel about OUR server and community and their opinions are null and void.

Either they are being willfully obtuse or trolling - all it says is that they don’t really understand our community in the slightest or how we want to play our classic experience.

I encourage you all to ignore them. Do not give them the satisfaction and attention they are clearly craving by constantly attempting to strike our nerves. Let them wallow in self pity and be jerks in their own little caves.

Why didn’t you take the free Transfers?
The free transfers were only available after many guilds and communities had already established themselves. Arugal was already locked and queued on Day 1 as it was the only PVP server for Oceania - Then another server was created, which also filled up and locked very quickly. Getting entire communities to transfer off a server is near impossible.

Why don’t you transfer off now?
We’ve opened our AQ gates and it costs money to transfer our alts. We already pay enough for this service. Asking us to pay more to move our communities into new dynamics is unreasonable.

This is your own fault - You knew what would happen!
No - we actually had no idea how they would manage this. Blizzard’s communication on this topic was Layering would be removed once the population issue had been resolved. The population issue has not been resolved. We had queues on TWO LAYERS during the 10 hour war.

Layering Ruins the game
Maybe - but being unable to play because of queues ruins it more. I think the vast majority of Arugal would prefer layering to queues. Our server does not feel dead in the slightest and while we’re in a global pandemic with a number of folks stuck at home, it will remain extremely active - I don’t expect traffic on Arugal to die down long term until late Phase 6.

But the Economy/World PVP/No Changes!!
These arguments are flawed. The economy will adjust itself based on the circumstances and Arugal’s is reasonably healthy despite the bots. There’s plenty of World PVP and with BGs and Padding, World PVP has lost all meaning anyway. No Changes is a long dead horse that can’t be beaten anymore because of changes that have been made to better replicate a better gameplay experience while achieving the Vanilla design goals - Layering doesn’t really detract from this

If you don’t like queues, you can leave - your guild doesn’t have to follow you!
I mean - in my individual circumstances, my guild helped me achieve Scarab Lord. I’m becoming a much more active part of the server’s community overall. Many of my IRL friends still play here. My guild also geared me and I’m a contributor to the raid in many ways than just DPS - if I left, it would be unfair to literally all of those people, and I’d become a huge hated meme, and vilified by probably the same people who want layering to remain off. This is not an option for me personally - now there are a lot more folks on the server who have similar ties or reasons for staying.


#LayerArugal :speech_balloon:


1 hour queue already? Layers for Arugal!

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I heard they also opened up realm transfers and made them unrestricted…I wonder if you could get off Arugal if you wanted to

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Players who spent over a year building their guilds, preparing for AQ and opening the gates, should abandon everything and move to a realm with their gates are unopened.

I’d sooner stop playing.


That would help out the others on arugal. Thank you for your sacrifice.


No wokkas, just need 3999 more to go.

I assume you are important to your guild and irreplaceable to the Point that as you quit, your guild crumbles. Therefore we are down at least 40 now

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dont worry about bozho, he is for #nochanges so he does not want layering in the game or at least he shouldnt :^D

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Be bold…grab 2-3 other guilds and leave your mega server for a medium pop and balance stuff


precisely!! #nochanges

Just transfer

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7am in the morning and I can already see at least 4 ppl in plain sight using automation to stay logged in…




Bring back the layers!


The queues wouldn’t be so bad if they did something about all the botting

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Bring back layers. Maybe if we had more than one PvP server at launch blizz would have a leg to stand on.
I don’t even understand why remove them now? Now the playerbase is forced to hope all raid members can no life the 6hr queues for raid days and hope they dont d/c and move to the back of the queue forcing guilds not to be able to raid new content. Doesn’t just affect the one to two people but even members that got through the queue are punished because other members are stuck in the queue.
I don’t even understand blizzards play here.



This situation is absurd. Lagging in Orgrimmar in the morning on a weekend. Worrying already about whether or not I will be able to raid with my guild on Monday.

I am currently trying to get R14; a random DC in the middle of an evening will actually make it pretty impossible if I land back in a 6 hour queue during prime time (queues were 6 hours last time we lost layering).

In Victoria under stage 4 restrictions I can’t even leave my house, there is nothing left to do, please let me continue playing the character I have put 93 days into with the guild I joined before the game even released without subjecting me to the horrible stress of trying to stay logged in while going about normal daily tasks.


I believe blizz should offer free transfers, but not reapply layers.

Its more easier and profitable to squash the layer.