The constant shafting of Oceania


What on earth is going on with you?

I have to ask, do you hate us for the sake of hating us? The whole classic lifecycle has been barely passable as a playable service for OCE players. Is your market research fundamentally broken? Are you getting the right sample sizes and testing groups for said research? Because it doesn’t seem like it.

This doesn’t include the issues with TBC Classic which affect everyone, most notably the small time frame after the announcements between launch and prepatch, and a REDUCED prepatch experience from the original game after being told we’d have time to level alts to 60 (Which I guess you did if you had gold to pay mages to sit in dungeons for 10 hours a day). The whole honor situation, cross realm raid groups for the first few days - the list goes on. It’s clear this was not ready for launch.

The feedback from your players is loud and clear on these issues, yet still, you seem to steam ahead and want to constantly shove these terrible design choices down our throats. These aren’t minor things either - these are things which are actively ruining the experience for a great many people. I can overlook a lot of things, but this is starting to portray a pretty concerning pattern in how you treat both the Classic and OCE communities.

TBC Launch is on Wednesday for us. Melbourne, Australia has gone into lockdown so there will be a vast increase in traffic for OCE realms on this day. I sincerely hope you are prepared for that. Because I’ll be honest, TBC classic is the last leg for me - I’ve been playing on and off since Vanilla very regularly and been pretty faithful as a customer. I already dropped retail. If this is unplayable on launch and poor design decisions continue, I’m happy to move to FFXIV and not look back. At least their devs listen to and talk to their community. I’m sure I’m not the only player sitting on that edge. In before the trolls say “bye”.

I worry and raise my concerns, because like I said earlier, prepatch itself was a half baked product with tons of issues and terrible execution. With full launch less than a week out, we haven’t seen anything promising to suggest this will be a good gameplay experience.

A few things need to happen moving forward, or I imagine you’ll have a dead game by the end of the year.

  • OCE needs to remain it’s own battle group Until such time queues make the experience unplayable. Arena players should quite frankly not be merged at all. (This has now been resolved)
  • This launch experience needs to be smooth. For all servers, especially this week for OCE.
  • You need to ensure that Arugal in particular is monitored for stability. There’s a history of server performance problems which suggest we know this is going to be a problem.

I sincerely hope you take this to heart. I’ve enjoyed WoW for a long time. It’s becoming very unenjoyable - retail was already dead to me, and it worries me that TBCC is headed down that path as well.



Honestly, and coming from someone who almost never post on these forums, I feel the exact same as you do. I really feel they have lost touch.

I have played on and off since vanilla and feel I am not valued by Blizzard right now. I have never said this before but am unsubbing.

Players own this game as much as Blizzard does, continually dismissing us is going to end badly for a game I really enjoy.


Well said it’s a shame Blizzard is treating us this way. Hopefully, the backlash actually does something but I think we are stuck with blizzard’s poor life choices once again.

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Well said.

It’s not just about the whole #purgethemerge situation.

It’s been repeated.

Like you, I ditched retail a while ago as being untenable and no longer fun.

PVPing against a random amorphous population with little to no consequences for behavior removes a large amount of my enjoyment from the game.

Losing a day of the prepatch due to the incompetence sucked a lot.

Being unable to see the AQ event really sucked.

Having to stay logged in and stressing out over disconnections for hours really sucked.

Yet I’m still here. Addiction or sucker for punishment.

How much longer? Who knows. Definitely not paying another 6 month sub though.

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can anyone help my arathi basin is LAG :rage:

its big LAGSSS big like this —>>> LAGS!!! not a small lags like this —>>> lags

I mean we might not have the numbers but the people are nice!

The bean-counters have looked at the income vs expenses for oceanic. And it’s not very profitable.

Each region has this done to it. ((Remember when Retail’s NA and BR regions were linked for LFD?))


Thank you Blizzard

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