Known Technical Support Issues - [Updated May 18, 2019!]


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We’ll be using this forum thread to track known technical support issues, like conflicts which cause performance errors, crashes, and connection problems. Check out the list below, and give these steps a try before creating a new topic! Additionally, more bug-related issues can be found in the Bug Report Forum’s most recent Known Issues thread..



If these resources do not help with your technical issue, check our technical troubleshooting sticky for more help.

So are you guys fixing the NVidia issue sometime or what?
Known Technical Support Issue and Troubleshooting Resources

Ability/Loot Lag despite normal FPS and Latency

There is an ongoing issue with shard stability during times when the game population is high. Most frequently, this error will happen in Battle for Azeroth zones, or other places with recent world quests active (such as Warfronts). While there is no fix you can perform on your end, some players report that swapping between War Mode and Normal Mode can temporarily fix the issue, as it will place you in another shard which may be more stable. We understand that this is not an ideal solution, but it’s the most effective step we have available at this time.

We are actively working on fixing this problem with incremental improvements through game patches. Ion Hazzikostas addressed this topic in a WoW Q&A video.

If you are having this problem, please contribute to the thread for your region below:

Ability/Loot Lag on North American Servers Despite Normal Latency

Black Ground Clutter/Artifacts on Recent Mac OS Builds

We are currently investigating a known driver compatibility problem on Mac OS 10.13.0 and later. You can use this thread to keep track of progress on the issue.


Game Crashes on Launch on Windows 7 since 8.1.5

With patch 8.1.5, we added an updated version of DirectX 11. Windows 7 does not have access to the proper coding to run using this version of DirectX. Before trying other troubleshooting, enable DirectX 11 in Legacy Mode.

If this does not fix your issue, you can check our crash troubleshooting resources article for more help.

listed #8


Black Screen on In-game Shop and “?” Help menu
Around the same time patch 8.2 hit, we noticed a number of players who were affected by an issue with the Razer overlay which caused the in-game shop and help menu to not display correctly. Razer has released a patch to their software to resolve this.

  • If you have or had a Razer device, uninstalling Synapse and reinstalling to the most updated Synapse 3 version should resolve the issue.
  • If you are getting black screens in either of these two menus and have never owned a Razer device, please see this article.

Black Screen WoW Token
Black box on in game shop (2019)