Oribos Request - No central hearth point

What would be the point of hearthing to your Covenant when you still have to get to Oribos for the portals back to Azeroth?



Then we have a repeat of WoD and Legion.
In WoD everyone was in their garrisons.
In Legion everyone was in their Class Halls.

Then people complain the world looks empty.

It will be fine, just don’t max your settings if your PC can’t support it.

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Garrisons are nice. A quiet place away from the noise and clutter of Orgrimmar.

Also, just set your hearthstone to the inn at Oribos and avoid the standard zone in point. At least that was an option with Dalaran if you wanted.

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Eh, I’ll be playing a vulpera so I can set my camp anywhere in Oreos that’s considered outside.


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Tbh it was never really just an issue with player count (and Dalaran was exceptionally small for a major city anyway), even these days lots of players have huge delays zoning into Dalaran if they aren’t running WoW from an SSD.


And I guess that’s what I’m getting at. But I notice when I log out in new Dalaran in the Alliance area, it loads faster. I’m told it’s because nDalaran also loads the broken isles. Either way, they should try logging in on their mother’s computer to see how it goes.

If you are playing alpha to experience the ‘lag’ in Oribos, then why are you posting this in GD. Go post it there. I actually have experienced no lag, whatsoever, in Oribos.

I’m not. It’s something I’m saying during the alpha so it isn’t forgotten.

Blizzard isn’t going to do something about ‘lag’ that might occur. And I didn’t experience all that much lag in Dalaran either. Most of the lag I encounter didn’t start until BfA and warmode.

Plus in the first zone there are already at least 2 maybe 3 spots you can set your hearth to anyway and I imagine the same thing will happen in the other ones, so if you want to avoid Oribos you can.

Hard drive type has little to do with why Dalaran loaded slow in Legion or why BFA has had horrific lag in communal zones. Blizzard has steadily fallen behind in keeping their server infrastructure capable of supporting what they add to the game and the result is the lag present in the capitals today.

There’s been a bullet about it active in their tech support “known issues” thread since July of last year and we’ve seen no change. I fear Shadowlands will offer no improvement on this front.


I run off an SSD and had zero issues with Dalaran Legion loads and the only time I’ve experienced lag in BfA is Tuesdays after 8.3 in vale when the world boss is there (not in uldum though for some reason).

Haven’t seen a single bit of lag in capitals.

You’ve never, ever had gross ability lag during primetime hours in Dazar’alor or Boralus? One of my suspicions has always been that the servers that experience this lag share a datacenter so I’m curious.

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Nope, and I play on a high pop server (zul’jin). With and without warmode. (though I haven’t gone to naz with WM on, heard that can get kind of laggy, people speculate that’s not the servers though, but the pvp scaling and all the calculations involved)

War mode’s general population outside the Battle for Nazjatar is quite low and I haven’t experienced latency while using it. At any rate, guess you’re one of the lucky ones whose server doesn’t get unstable shards.

Could be Chicago DC vs the others, i have no clue. I know the EU DCs are kind of crap, but that’s every game I play, FFXIV’s EU DCs are held together with tape it seems.

Zul’jin is in Chicago alongside Turalyon so unless they still have the old individual battlegroups segregated by network it’s probably a safe bet to rule out sadly.

Here’s the update they posted about unstable shards. I was wrong; it’s been there since May of last year. Known Technical Support Issues - Updated July 21, 2020 - #5 by Drakuloth

I have no clue then. The thing that I keep hearing from smarter people then me is that it’s all the damn calculations they have to do this expansion.

Level scaling calculations, pvp scaling calculations, all the RNG from corruptions, haste scaling calculations, etc.

Yah those are called inns. Just pick one at your covenant or just out in the wild.

I’ve actually heard this too, and I can’t disagree. The layers and layers of computationally-complex mechanics that have been added since Legion have continued to grow at an enormous rate in BFA. They probably need to look at dialing it back or figuring out how to make the hardware meet the demand.