Game unplayable due to lag in prepatch events

Blizzard, you’ve been doing expansions and pre-patches for awhile.

The game is largely unplayable right now due to the poor design choice of funneling all players through the same areas (repeatedly) in these pre-patch events. No sharding, no mitigation of lag increasing things like toys and mounts being used around quest givers.

This is a really disappointing effort in what you’ve done here.

Can’t even attack a newly spawned scourage in IC without it already being half dead and claimed by the other faction. You must have known these would be problems.


Same issue here !! got like 5-10 sec lagg on everything i try to do !! been able to tag 2 mobs in 30min

If the goal was How to make ppl feel Scam , then u got it right .

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Cramming everyone into small quest areas was a foreseeably bad idea.

I can’t even click the injured Valiants to heal them. They’re already tapped and gone by the time my command goes through to the game.

Very disappointed.


Did alt+f4 cuz of those lag, it took longer to cast a spell ( even an instant ) than what it take to kill a mobs
im hoping they find a way to reduce lag soon ,didnt play for like 6week and now was super hype for new content and then im thinking of canceling subs !!

It took 25 seconds for me to get on a mount after pressing the button to mount. They moved away from funneling everyone into one zone after the cluster that was BC launch, did they forget?

they just sharded Icecrown. was at a rare waiting for it to spawn and there were about 50ish people. then all of a sudden there were 10 and the lag was gone when we killed the rare

edit: never mind turned out it was just for that rare.

Redirected here per blue post. Game continues to suffer the same problem it has for the past two years as far as input lag is concerned in highly concentrated areas. Sharding is unstable. Please resolve as soon as humanly possible.

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I’m down in Suramar and it’s the same story. Last night it was fine, but today it takes a good 5 seconds for even instant abilities to go off.