Extreme lag for event

nathanos is a good 10 sec delaye just tried patchwork, never eveng to to tag him cause my abilities never went off TILL after he died

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My wife and I both logged out after a single attack taking longer than 7 seconds to register. We have 1Gb internet service and pretty ridiculous gaming setups (in other words… not an issue on our side of things). What’s the point of releasing an event if people can’t actually do it? And it is just going to get worse when kids get out of school and folks start coming home after the normal 9-5 work shifts.

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just killed first boss in icecrown and this POS game lags worse than Nazjatar does during pvp event. Barely able to get a tag it lags so bad. Really Blizzard? I am done with this crap.

I’m trying to kill the 12 scourge in the tournament grounds for quest. As soon as I see one I fire at it, and I get told my target is dead, or it changes gray because some invisible horde player tagged it, or I just get disconnected.

Welcome to pre-xpack/xpack launches.

So, after 8.3 with that absurd lag we had on vale of eternal blossoms, lag on world pvp, on bgs… We really thought and believed them with delays that this would solve our problems, and prepatch arrives with this huge lag spike and with good ping? For real? How this will work on SL where everyone will be together on the zones and capital? It will be our fault again and again? How many times this will happen? Its a completely shame and there is no excuse.

They are really packing the server shards full as possible. Kinda worrys me, the kids are not even off from school yet and the lag in terrible.

Imagine shadowlands lag. Shadowlands is designed to be linear…so everyone is going to be stuck in the same places. History is once again repeating itself…

This the worst launch since vanilla. It’s even off peak hours there is just so many new issues lag problems, etc.

These issues have been ongoing for two years now.