8hr shut down tomorowz?

Nah. Still normal sub prices unless you only roll one character. $12.99 for one character. $14.99 for normal sub.

Wtf no way

XD Alright you caught me. It’s not a week. It’s a 24 hour maintenance. Just one day of no game.

That woulda been bonkers lol, you had me going was gonna google it

Could you imagine a game that would have a 1 week maintenance period? How big would that game have to be? How much would they fix? Would the entire game be full of current content?

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It is pretty weird, but to be fair the last time they did realm connections was years ago so their previous process might not be applicable. There could be a framework they need to put in place to ease future realm connections beyond what’s announced.

It’s definitely nothing related to the pre-patch since it hasn’t even been tested.

Screw that. lol.

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In the cs twitter it implied that it would be a common occurrence for longer down time leading up to the expansion. My guess is they will do 1 connection a week to make sure it doesnt get screwed up doing them all at once. Prepatch is always 2 or 3 weeks before expansion so that will be early October at best.

I was gonna say… it’s been a while since I remember an 8hr maintenance.

They used to be, what, once every 6 weeks-ish back in the day?

Edit: And of course, they’d frequently run over the scheduled time leading to much QQ on forums. Or half the realms would be up, half would be down. Or they’d be up for some people but not others. Ahhhh, good times.

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Gather a few friends and play a single game of Monopoly. That should hold you over for 8 hours with time to spare.

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Just looked in to this and it checks out. That patch 8.3.7 that they “tested” on PTR with no player-facing changes is likely coming.

Maybe it’ll finally miraculously fix the awful server-side world lag that’s been plaguing most of BFA during primetime hours.

Yes, yes they have, probably at least a million times over the past 15 years…

That ain’t the servers…

Go play classic wow, or some other game.

lol i think i will pass on that i played classic wow on launch up to lvl 5. stopped and uninstalled

No this is false. Today they are loading in Shadowlands assets, mergers are later in the week

It’s only a few servers, I think 4, getting merged anyway, that wouldn’t take 8hrs.

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It’s definitely the servers or something related to their connection to certain pipes. It’s also an acknowledged issue per this post in the known issues thread of tech support: Known Technical Support Issues - Updated July 21, 2020 - #5 by Drakuloth

Good news is the 8-hour maintenance wasn’t 8 hours.

So we should be compensated 8 hours playtime right, I don’t pay 15$ a month to not be able to play for extended maintenance. I think it’s safe to say we should demand extra gametime since we clearly are entitled to it.

Riiight. Do you demand your auto repair people pay you a proportion of your car loan because you can’t drive your car while it is having a maintenance done? Oh, I have an idea there - don’t pay for maintenance and not have your car available at that time and just wait till it breaks down completely.

People might be a tad more annoyed at a totally unplayable game than they are at being ‘forced’ to go do something else for a few hours.

The maintenance was 9 hours ago right? 7am on 21th of July (PDT)? I was able to login right after I update the game.