Expect more from Blizzard

I remember the “no fly no buy” “”“feedback”"" perfectly well, but blizzard made a design choice and responded to what people were asking by explaining why even though the feedback wasn’t in support of it that they thought it was important anyway. Saying it wasn’t “taken into account” just ignores the repeated responses they made to it in dev Q&A’s.

I don’t want to play ptr, it makes everything that is meant to be new, old upon release.

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Starter quest pops up, can’t cancel it, so I accept it, abandon it, and go do other things.

I personally disagree with any developer who expects there players to test there game for them for free and not offer anything in return.

I don’t think it would take anyone more then 30 minutes to realize this pre patch was void of content and un interesting. Any Blizzard developer should be able to see this if they where to sit down and spend some time testing the content.

A large number of individuals who do give feedback feel that Blizzard have been either un responsive towards feedback or defensive towards it. This goes for all of us including the devs just because you have an idea and someone likes the way it sounds dose not make it a good idea.

It is clear they are looking to cut corners here even more so then they have in the past. Whatever the excuse be it COVID, cut backs by the company or otherwise they need to realize we want the same thing they do. A good and fun game to play.

At times our feedback may be extremely hard to take like with covenants, but when you decide to ignore or refute said feedback you are doing damage to your relationship with players/ customers. We don’t want to test buggy broken content because when we offer our opinion we feel like we are ignored.

Stop have Ion publish blogs or videos about him saying “we hear you” and instead put your money where you mouth is and show us your listening to the players and feedback and fallowing up with the kind of changes that people want to see. I sympathize that “job is hard” what I don’t sympathize with is “we needed feedback and testing and no one did it”.

You employ hundreds of people you guys can test your own game and ensure quality. If you are going to continue down this road of using the community to test things them maybe you should be more adaptive to feedback before you dig a covenant or garrison sized hole in the ground.

I ranted earlier and got my post deleted lol. Needless to say I don’t have any faith in this expansion at all and I am pissed about it. They could/should do better.

Hey, Metro:



Yes. They have known. It’s the same problem as always. And it’s never been fixed. Your arguments are so invalid, the dead horse is pitying them for their beating so much.


that was the worst mvp post I have ever seen, and believe me I’ve seen a lot of bad ones

never seen a player tell other players that the devs are completely off the hook for any quality standard unless ‘some’ player brings it up during the ptr, that everything is fine, and feedback is a complete waste unless it was given during the ptr despite over 99% of players not doing the ptr because it isn’t their job to playtest incomplete games.

a post that is just beyond bad, had to add that guy to my ignore list after this debacle



Glad you agreed you are the worst though so you have that going for you.


My kind of popcorn event!

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Ha… Hahahahahaha

… No


I hate agreeing with that guy but on this he is right. The event was so much better on PTR til people complained and they nerfed the heck out of it. This version is definitely the fault of the people who complained.

The zombie event was nerfed due to feedback.

But the rest of the patch wasn’t afaik.

And it is a rather dissapointing prepatch.

I guess we’re all idiots for expecting more from a 30 year old company who has been managing this game for 16 years =/

I swear F2P gatcha games put more effort into events than blizzard =/

That’s a thing?! That’s actually badass!

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They kind of have to, they rely on the revenue of in game purchases to survive. I get what your saying though, Blizzard has been falling short as of late.

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Ok, you seem angry… Where’s the cookie guy when you need him?

I am telling you it was better for me before they listened to the feedback. That triggers you, I get it, you really want to go after Metro, like I said, not a fan, but on this they are right. I am not the only person who agrees on this point, there are plenty of threads asking why they changed it.

It’s not over, more comes in a week. People forget Chromie was supposed to all come out at the same time too, this hasn’t been the smallest pre patch in history. Personally find it meh, didn’t mind the quests, hate the camping but not surprised by it considering it’s still technically BfA.

Not sure where you get anger from in that.
Not sure why you think liking it before the nerf triggers me…


really glad I am not the only one.

I don’t expect anything from them anymore. So many of the old devs have quit or moved on to other projects that it’s literally not even the same company anymore.

No. It is not reasonable to expect everyone who plays the game - or wants to - to put in many hours on the PTR instead of playing the game, or to spend hours every day reading all the forums.

A few more voices on the PTR would have made no difference in the implementation.

No, they are lucky so many people were unaware of what was coming and paid first without asking whether the content was trash. It’s SOP now.

And this is what I am seeing for shadowlands. The majority of players in-game have no idea of the gameplay details they will be encountering. Their mental image of what’s coming is based purely on hype and how expansions have been before. Some of the hype they are basing it on is from way back and has already been changed.

A lot of people are going to be in for a rude shock when they find out what their money paid for.