If You Call Deadmines "VC", You're Wrong

You got proof you played beta? No? You can’t supply proof nor back up claims? Alrighty then :smiley:

If your looking for some rule to justify a change due to a naming conflict, Dire Maul is more relevant to end game so it takes precedence.

In vanilla people would say DM and I knew they meant Dire Maul. In fact I might have run DM before I even knew VC was an instance.

People who call DM “VC” are the same people who call Druids “Dudu’s”

You all care about this way too much. It’s not healthy.

This was debated back and forth in chat on my server, the general conclusion was that if someone is too incompetent to look at the level of the person asking for a DM group they aren’t worth grouping with anyways.


His first name is Edwin. Why are you even trying to attempting to argue against that?

Since his first name is Edwin, then anyone using the Abbreviation VC is point blank wrong. Van is not his first name so why say it?

If you want to argue using last names then how about I point out that a character name has the realm name attached as the last name then start arguing the characters first name doesn’t matter. Same concept.

This is the dumbest argument in history and people who insist on continuing it disappoint me to no end.

Raptorjeans Level 19 Warrior.


Rawr Level 57 Druid.



People were calling Deadmines VC long before Dire Maul was released, kiddo. Maybe don’t go spouting off about something you never played.

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And you’re a panda…:laughing:

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I dunno, saying “Healer looking for D” just doesn’t sound right.


This is why we have Retail today.

Have to make that gold somehow.


No it isn’t. I’ve had dumberer.

I like pineapple on pizza.

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OP is completely correct. It’s not VC, It’s EV for Edwin VanCleef. Now also accepting CC for Cookie’s Cove.

You called deadmines DM if you weren’t including vancleef. If you were doing vancleef, you called it a VC run. I remember this very clearly. He was higher level than the rest of the zone and would usually be red to groups.

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I’m happy I was able to debate this topic before and provide time relevant reference points/data. VC and DM are both appropriate and have been used since World of Warcraft closed beta. For those saying that’s not what we did in vanilla or day 1 players used, you are factually wrong.


I’ll repeat it once more
People calling Deadmines = VC, are dedicated Discord group Sheitposters from Private servers and retail who claims 2 be Vanilla players, but they aren’t.

Said group also abused the old forum system to meme the #nochanges fallacy into reality.

You are literally wrong. If you would actually read, like my very detailed responses to another thread on this topic, you would see you are completely wrong.


Sorry, but people did call Deadmines VC in Vanilla… and DM. It was stupid then too. The majority of people forming a Deadmines group are doing so in Westfall General chat. If you are so stupid that you think a Westfall group is forming a Dire Maul group in that zone, then you’re way too stupid to bother grouping with. It’s DM.