If You Call Deadmines "VC", You're Wrong

Arguing over what to call deadmines

First world problems


Everything you’re saying rests on faulty assumptions.

Since his first name is Edwin, then anyone using the Abbreviation VC is point blank wrong.

Why? There is literally no rule that people are required to use his first name for anything. Just like there’s no rule that conventionally defines that dungeon short hand HAS to be the name of the dungeon. Everything you’re saying rests on arbitrary limitation demanded solely by you.

DM is dire maul on horde side. Wth is this VC instance?!

Alliance problems.

But that treads on Blackfathom Deeps.

This cracks me up how passionate people get (or pretend to get) about this.

I joined a week after launch, as a complete noob. Did westfall quests on my hunter, got quest to kill VC, said LF VC run like everybody else on my server (Hyjal), had no clue what a dungeon was.

I would never have said I called the DUNGEON VC. I would never have said “There’s a lot of sweet tin nodes in VC”. I would never have said “I have all the other VC quests done, I just need to kill VC”. If people are doing that now, I think that’s weird.

In practice for me the dungeon itself is Deadmines. DM = Dire Maul. Sure, you say DM-East, etc, but when you’re saying “Good thing they did progressive content release, heck DM loot is better than MC” you don’t.

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yeah its just being amplified x100 by people trolling the westfall chat.

beating the dead horse at this point but if you look at old wowhead comments you have people refering to it as both vc and dm

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Stop making sense, this is General!


Every server I’ve played in Vanilla.

I think it’s all the Wrath players that started calling VC DM.

He’s mad because he’s wrong.

Two word attention span. Real nice there, chief.

It also *says LOM instead of OOM. Good luck getting that to stick.

It is not the correct term. It will be the correct term.

It’s both, actually.

No, it didn’t. Dire Maul was always known as DM E DM W or DM N (or trib). Instances are not listed as the last boss for God’s sake. I think half the people saying they played Vanilla…Didn’t.

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Boat Dungeon

Thanks for noticing :smiley:

No doubt, can’t imagine saying either was “wrong” lol.

You never were in Vanilla! It shows.

Since Closed Beta 2004 Deadmines was always referred to as VC in the Chats I have seen and I call it VC to this day. Once I get to Dire Maul, I will use DM, as it’s always been.

That “official” guide had a slew of inaccurate information such as how they went over a slew of paladin mechanics that were altered or removed. Not only that but a lot of their other acronyms were simply not what we used. Off the top of my head they referred to Shadowfang Keep as SK. If you spend some time reading through it you’ll realize how inaccurate the “official” guide.

Yeah, that thing was an absolute joke when it came to accurate information.