If You Call Deadmines "VC", You're Wrong

Wanna know why? Metonymy.


I’m so tired of this debeme (debate + meme) I am gonna stop reading the forums and go to bed.

It is VC because of Van Cleaf.

No, DM wasnt Diremaul, because DM wasnt in the game day 1…

In any case OP, this is a war we cannot actually win. The reason is numbers. FAR FAR fewer of us are day 1 players. 99% of the people posting did not play Vanilla WoW day 1 or even before Diremaul went into the game. Many may not have even played Vanilla at all.

Its basically the first few hundred thousand of us that are actual Day 1/Month 1 players arguing against everyone that started 3+ months into the games life when DM was put in the game and started being used as a short for Diremaul.

Its a waste of time arguing it really.

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It’s CC: Cookie Cove.


Ok. I played in closed beta and then at launch on Bleeding Hollow (represent). We called it VC long before Dire Maul ever released. There’s a few things you need to understand:

  1. First week or two, people wanted loot (zomg greens!) and everybody was a total noob so dips into deadmines for the first few bosses (i.e. not a full clear) were common - these were referred to as “DM” runs. How far they got was basically up to each individual party. To differentiate from those, full clears picked up the term VC, indicating that they wanted higher level players intending to run the entire dungeon and actually kill Van Cleef, the last boss. Dire Maul had literally nothing to do with it.

  2. Separate, unique servers develop separate, unique community behaviors. I fully expect that some servers only ever called it DM, especially those that started a few months after launch. But we actually called it VC (if it was a full clear), at launch, before dire maul was in the game. This is simply a fact. Trying to tell other people that they’re wrong and show off what an OG Vanilla player you are, whether it’s here, trade chat, or Westfall general… It just looks pretty silly to those of us who were actually around back then.


I love cookies!

Edwin’s Cave Of Wonders :stuck_out_tongue:

On my 2 realms (crushridge aka crashridge and darkspear aka dramaspear) all through vanilla it was called DM. If people ran Dire maul it was always followed by the usual N, E, W or tribute.

Given that Deadmines was in the game long before Dire maul, it was known as DM and stayed that way.

VC is a person, not a place. When I look for a group to go to DM I’m looking to do the entire place and not a single boss which is what VC is.

A dungeon is a place, not a person.

It cannot be VC as he’s not the dungeon but a person inside said dungeon.

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PKer is an old, old term that even predates MMOs, having its rise on MUDs.

People who say “VC” are the same people who put their pinky out when drinking tea.


The same people who call deadlines VC are the same people who call soft drinks soda, they’re all Coke. The same people who call a water fountain a bubbler. The same people who call a sub a grinder, or hoagie, or po-boy.

On Stormrage it was DM.

The opposite. Hearing someone say VC makes me think they came from the p-server community and never played the beta and didn’t play at launch.

tell us where the bad rogue touched you OP…

Actually, anyone dipping their toes into this argument has agreed to take on a silliness mantle because this is on par with “gif”. Some of just like to argue and this is pretty safe material that isn’t going to send people into irl rage.

i know your didnt play in vanilla but i did and we called dire maul DM and dead mines VC…

Eeeeh tbf the server I was on back in vanilla was calling Deadmines VC before Dire Maul.

People interchanged it a lot. Sometimes even during the their LFG post in towns.

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VanCleef is only a last name (and also one word), so by that logic it’s only V.

Depends on the server really.

Server I played on VC and DM were interchanged a lot and no one minded. People knew what you were referring to just by the players level.

The real reason it’s VC is likely that the acronym was used by devs and ended up in the bradys games guide.

The devs would probably have used VC to differentiate in shorthand from dire maul, which they were fully aware of, just not the players. So the acronym bled over into the playerbase.

Someone mentioned Sunken Temple. The reason it’s called that is obvious. It’s literally a sunken temple, and the actual name is weird to spell when your smashing your sausages on the keyboard for LFG.

Unlike Deadmines and VanCleef, DM for Dire Maul actually makes sense as it is two words.

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