If You Call Deadmines "VC", You're Wrong


Deadmines came out first, and thus is referred to as “DM”.

Dire Maul is referred to as DM E, DM W, & DM N respectively.

Calling Deadmines “VC” is incorrect. You don’t call Stratholme “RD”, or Molten Core “Rag”. So why would you call Deadmines “VC”?

If you want to avoid all confusion altogether, just spend the few seconds it requires to press 6-7 more keys and just write out the words. Just please stop blatantly calling Deadmines by the wrong acronym.


Dunno where you played, but in vanilla Dire Maul was DM and Deadmines was VC. Deal with it.


Doomhammer, NA.


Deadmines was DM until Dire maul released. Then it became VC, so VC is the correct term.

(Ushi) #5

Its always been VC.
Least it was on my server.
If you joined a DM group looking to run deadmines, you’d find yourself in a group of people MUCH higher level than you and very confused.


Who cares?

Also, who cares?


On Grobb some people started referring to it as Cookie’s Cove.

Anybody not calling it that is wrong.


Fake news. Dire Maul didn’t exist when Vanilla was released. Deadmines was. So thus, Deadmines was the original, and true, “DM”.


It’s WC
Westfall Caverns


fair enough.

You know, Deadmines is one word, so you could just called it D.

lf2m heals/dps for D pst

^ yep… as legit as VC.


It’s VC and it stands for Vice City

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The real way to avoid confusion is to hit Shift+Click and see if they are level 15 or 55.


You’re wrong. Also it’s in the official World of Warcraft companion guide as VC. Google it.


Well supported argument.


Try following the second part of what I said, then come back here.


Pro tip: if you are in westfall general, i am willing to bet either one is referring to deadmines.


You’re wrong.


It’s actually called Cookie’s Cove


OP: If you understood the intent of the player’s message, then the acronym is appropriate. End of story. Stop whining.

The intent of an acronym is to shorten a message while still being understood clearly. Since the vast majority of the playerbase understands what “VC” stands for, the acronym fulfills its purpose. And it doesn’t matter which came first.


https ://archive. org/details/World_of_Warcraft_World_of_Warcraft_BradyGames_Official_Strategy_Guide/page/n9

Read page 9.