How do we message community council members


the issue is that without tact it’s also possible to lose a customer instead of seeing if it’s possible to turn the situation around and talk said customer into being a valued client.

Look, I realize that Blizzard is not great at customer handling. The word you’re looking to add that most are as well and not typing, myself included, is potential customer.

The trick in the business world is to turn as many potential customers as one can into customers.

Nope! They can speak for us but we can’t interact with them. :confused:

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I’ve seen a few well thought threads that have had CC responses.

Nothing is guaranteed, but if you have something that you think they should pass on it can’t hurt to try.:man_shrugging:


Appreciate your optimism. :heart::sparkles:

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I don’t hope for anything, which allows me to be pleasantly surprised once in a while.:slightly_smiling_face:


You just did! When you link a thread made by a person, it sends a forum system message telling that someone linked to it. It alerts them to come and see, if they wish.

Another way to do that is to link an individual post, not just a thread.

You can also quote what someone says using the forum quote system in threads you can reply to. That will also alert them, as does replying. It is the same as the alert you get when I reply to you here. Up by your avatar in the top right.

So, you did exactly what you wanted :slight_smile:

Hopefully the Council threads to encourage folks to make threads here in GD, or other forums, to discuss the things on the Council page.

See above :slight_smile:


I am not disagreeing with that but I guess what I am saying is that there are some people that are not worth being your customer and they should not be pandered to in any way shape or form.

Especially those who hold the customer is always right mantra as an absolute truth.


I really like your transmog on this posting char, from the thumbnail anyway. Your profile does not show up on the website correctly. Orange flowers with the orange tunic is lovely!

I know the forum says it alerts people if you use the @ thing, but it does not seem to actually do that. You have to quote or link a post/thread of theirs to get the system alert to go to them.


I guess to plainly type it, the “customer is always right,” is in truth an attempt to convince the customer that any ideas and sales the business wants to make are to be presented as the customer’s in origin.

While the phrase is not an absolute truth itself, it must at least be honored if a business wants to fairly play ball in most markets of sales.

The hard part is that without really taking this apart as its own thread, the issue is that Blizzard does not ever seem to even consider the phrase, “the customer is always right,” to be at all possible.

linking threads from the community council should be good enough. which you already did. it gives them a notification.

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That’s the neat part, you don’t.

Except the OP literally did. By linking the thread it notifies the original council member who created it. If that person wants, they can come chat here.

That is the point of the forum notifications. Just like you get a notification that I replied to you.

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Perhaps Blizzard could have a note somewhere that tells their customers said notification happens on a thread post link?

I think the single biggest issue with Blizzard is that so much goes unsaid, such as this forum link post ability, as well as their general choice to not post on their own forums and to form the Community Council instead.

If there were some way that the forums could actually tell us as customers that’s how we do contact the CC, instead of having to figure it out for ourselves?

This is part of the problem actually. Blizzard formed the Community Council and apparently made sure to leave out how the playerbase gets a message to said CC…

Optimism is often short-lived.:neutral_face:

The 1st blue response beyond the stickies looks like a nerf request to me.

I have no opinion on whether it should be addressed or not, but isn’t it beyond the scope of what the representatives are supposed to do?

Wouldn’t a bug report be the correct route to take in this particular situation?

OP asked for a way to contact individuals personally. That’s what we’re saying. It’s good they get forum notifications if their thread is linked, but there’s a difference between forum link notifications and personal DMs.

You have a good point. I think they assume that people are aware of how the forum software works.

That you get notifications for various things such as a direct reply, a person quoting you, or a person linking to your post/thread. You also get notifications for system messages and penalties.

I assume it was just an oversight, but I can also see that maybe they wanted to go a bit slow and not have everyone linking/pinging the CC members to the point it can be overwhelming.

Not everyone is an avid forum goer - which cuts both ways. It means people who don’t normally come here don’t know how to ping a CC person, and some CC folks are not used to forums so would be drowning - they prefer the Class Discords and such.

I try to help where I can - but I have been a forum MVP for a lot of years so my main role is just answering questions like this.

Well, they do get a personal notification to their forum account.

Unless someone gives out personal contact info, DMs are generally a bad idea and lead to harassment. If someone wants to provide input, it should be in public here where folks can see and discuss. That is why CC is required to keep all the feedback in the open, discuss it there, and Blizz is to reply in the open.

It defeats the purpose if people are taking things to DMs and it does not result in a forum post for discussion.


I’m happy to read things here and add them if I agree. I referenced an existing thread that I pulled some ideas from :slight_smile: keeping up with this though!


Do you think that fact was a factor in your being put on the council?

I can see it both ways.

I mean, just a sticky forum post in GD stating that if you want to ping the CC members on a thread, just link their thread into yours?

Or would that overwhelm most CC people?

I am personally of the thought that the CC is just Blizzard going from ignoring its playerbase to ignoring the 100 of the CC.

It sure fits the Blizzard Modus Operandi that way.

I mean, I and I think at least a few others have been trying to ask Blizzard since October 2005 in my case to please take WoW seriously, and yet they constantly don’t try that hard.

Shadowlands story and presentation of such has largely fallen flat, so it’s no surprise to me that myself and many more have unsubscribed, and I renewed then cancelled because I was fooled by their handling of SL.

I for one hope and would love to see Blizzard take WoW and Azeroth seriously, to actually craft a story and game that is one and the same and fun.

I just don’t see how Blizzard as it is now and has been in the past ever figuring that out.

Anyone that has worked any customer service knows the vast majority of the time the customer is wrong… very wrong.

The method for contacting comunity council numbers is exactly what you did right here. Posting in General Discussion stating clearly in the title that the message is intended for them. :slight_smile: