Hotfixes -- Updated March 12

Seriously blizz… you really need to balance the classes and the covenants (if you even plan on keeping the whole convent system in). Do you not see the complaints you’re getting? Where is the customer service? Where is being in line and listening to your player base?


yeah they claim the whole “borrowed power” thing. I think it’s safe to assume at this point that Legion content will be waiting til the next xpac. Funny too cause you can steamroll Legion on normal and heroic, but switch to mythic and it’s like soloing the weekly world boss. I don’t think that’s intended. And even if it sposedly is, if so many people are having issues with over 4yr old raids, would it be so hard for them to adjust the scaling on mythic a little bit? We’re not asking to nerf the newest raid, it’s so trivial, I don’t understand what it would hurt to make them a little easier.


still not class balance fix. They haven’t done anything to balance class so people can actually get invited instead of rerolling.

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Tbh I don’t actually have faith in blizz to do it. If they actually wanted to balance class/spec. They wouldn’t have tied player power to covenants. 4 covenants and 3 tables per class/spec. That’s 12 choices each. That’s a lot to balance. It shouldn’t have been done like that.

No class balance, us warlocks still sucking wind. No Scaling fixes to make doing Legion content enjoyable again.

This game is a joke in it’s current form. Boring, unrewarding. Glad my sub ends soon.

I like to think I’m smart enough to identify the problem.

If you play a class/spec without a lot of burst, you’re at a significant disadvantage. There is no way to balance classes/specs when some specs can zero your health bar in under 2 seconds, it’s impossible to balance things unless everybody can do it or nobody can do it.

Everybody is going to be crying "NERF HIM!’ There are always calls for that, but it’s especially bad now because we have a burst meta. If you nerf those burst classes, then they are defenseless against other burst classes, and they complain “Now that you removed my burst, I don’t have anything going for me.”

Add to that the massive gear imbalances in PvP (which can be fixed with a item level cap on gear when engaged in PvP - eg 200-207), and the forums have become a whiny mess.

Scaling was introduced for a reason, and this is the reason. Blizzard didn’t plan on having a burst meta. They did virtually no PvP testing prior to release. It just happened because they just removed scaling for the new expansion (see the Stoopzz interview).

The second they removed scaling, I noticed it on my alts, and I started warning people this would happen (on the forums). I wish I could find all of those posts, but the beta forums don’t appear to be entirely searchable right now.

Of course, you could be right, and I could be wrong.

We will find out in time. These were all posted before SL was released:

A lot of people had enough foresight to identify this problem before it was a problem. Blizzard could have predicted it too had they given PvP a modicum of dev time - which they didn’t. Heck, they didn’t provide PvP forums until Stoopzz called them out on their gear itemization. Most people were never able to get a BG to pop in Beta. They could have tested in arenas, but they didn’t fix the broken PvP trinkets until 3 days before release. There was no way to test anything PvP until it was too late.

It’s not just unrated content that is a problem…

Rated BGs are often a disaster because you’ll have gladiator-geared enemy groups carrying one or two high-PVE geared people with a 0 rating, and it’s especially bad this week considering how turned off people are from M+ with the idiotic combination of affixes that Blizzard thought was a good idea.

The result? You can guess. Blizzard’s matchmaking flat out sucks.


Would love to see hpriest get some love, especially in M+… it does get tiresome being described as the “useless beginner healer.”

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OP updated with today’s

JANUARY 29, 2021


  • Kyrian Covenant Companions

    • Apolon health increased by 25%, and spell effectiveness increased by 100%.
    • Bron attack increased by 50%.
    • Disciple Kosmas health increased by 20%.
    • Hala health increased by 17%, attack increased by 50%, and spell effectiveness increased by 30%.
    • Ispiron attack increased by 33%.
    • Kythekios attack increased by 50%, and spell effectiveness increased by 167%.
    • Molako health increased by 67%, and spell effectiveness increased by 33%.
    • Nemea attack increased by 33%, and spell effectiveness increased by 50%.
    • Pelagos health increased by 20%.
    • Pelodis attack increased by 33%, and spell effectiveness increased by 50%.
    • Telethakas health increased by 100%, and spell effectiveness increased by 167%.
    • Teliah spell effectiveness increased by 18%.
      • Developers’ note: The Kyrian Covenant Companions were a mix of durable combatants and fragile fighters who had big abilities, but deploying them effectively wasn’t as intuitive as expected. To compensate, we’ve boosted many abilities and decreased some Companions’ overall fragility.
  • Venthyr Covenant Companions

    • Ayeleth the Deprived health increased by 38%, and spell effectiveness increased by 43%.
    • Bogdan spell effectiveness increased by 150%.
    • Dug Gravewell health increased by 14%.
    • General Draven health increased by 25%.
    • Kaletar the Mender health increased by 20%, and spell effectiveness increased by 67%.
    • Lost Sybille health increased by 50%, and spell effectiveness increased by 40%.
    • Nadjia the Mistblade health increased by 30%.
    • Nerith Darkwing health increased by 38%.
    • Rahel health increased by 40%, and spell effectiveness increased by 100%.
    • Simone health increased by 38%.
    • Stonehead health increased by 25%, cooldown increased to 4 rounds (was 2), and spell effectiveness increased by 400%.
    • Stonehuck health increased by 25%.
    • Thela Soulsipper health increased by 38%.
    • Theotar health increased by 25%, and spell effectiveness increased by 20%.
    • Vulca health increased by 25%, and spell effectiveness increased by 25%.
      • Developers’ note: Many of the Venthyr Covenant Companions were not as well established in their different roles as we hoped. Some had a powerful attack, but were beaten before they could deploy it. They’ve each received an improvement that fits with their purpose.
  • Night Fae Covenant Companions

    • Ardenweald Trapper: Bramble Trap ability has been redesigned. This is now a 1-cooldown ability which deals damage and reduces the damage of the next enemy attack.
      • Developers’ note: This corrects a bug that caused its damage reduction to incorrectly apply permanently to enemy units.


  • Spires of Ascension
    • Kyrestia the Firstborne will now hover a little further back from the Devos encounter, eliminating most camera interference she once caused.

Player versus Player

  • Valiant Strikes (Soulbind) stacks will now be cleared at the start of battleground and arena matches.


  • Fixed an issue with the Western Plaguelands quest “Combat Training” where players could end up with a large number of Enthralled Val’kyr.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Completing a layer on any character now unlocks that layer for all characters on the same WoW account who meet the requirements to enter Torghast.

I’m noticing that the hotfixes buffed Kyrian companions that are unattainable, such as ispiron and bron.

Edit: I see Bron is recruitable at higher renown. Not sure how to recruit ispiron though.

FINALLY! Took long enough

How long is it going to take to fix all the key breaking bugs in M+? Literally every single dungeon has at least 1,most of them more. Stuff like DE OTHER SIDE MYTHRESH, SKY’S TALONS BUG which just happened to my group and cost us a timed 15 key. Or people falling through the world on Abom boss in Theater of Pain?


Anyone’s companions not getting healed after missions since this hotfix? Mine have been stuck at 0 health all day.

This in itself was making me want to scrap any alts…good change.

Can we just take a moment and compare the absurdity of these two changes?

Don’t be silly. Everyone knows War Table balance is more important than class balance.


Nice :vulcan_salute:

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This is just insane. Fixing the adventure table…before fixing BUGGED class talents.



we could say better late than never, but thats discounting the what? thousand soul ash other covenant/spec combos have had access to that others will never have (an issue fixed by making soul ash capped and farmable like conquest, instead of using it as an obvious FOMO device)

I agree with others the balance team priority list is bugged aswell. The adventure table comes at the end of the campaign, you know the one where you get to try out ~2 abilities and ~2 trash buttons per spec/class? :slight_smile:

yes balancing all covenants to all class/specs is daunting, but it feels like devs/blizz/YOUGUYS don’t believe “the grind is worth it” which is obviously jarring considering the game we play.

so yeah wtb “480?+ soul ash has been given to all characters lvl 60 before december 25, sorry for balance”

You have buffed the Companions of the Kyrian and the Venthyr and nerfed one troop of the Night Fae (Can something be a bug and a redesign at the same time?). Are you going buff the Companions of the Night Fae and the Necro Lords too?