Blizzard just buffed a Kyrian follower that isn't in the game

According to Wowhead, Ispiron as a follower has yet to be released in the game:

Anyone have any info on whether this follower is obtainable? Seems strange to me he was just buffed in the hotfix if he isn’t obtainable.

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He was likely buffed because when he gets obtained he would be underpowered compared to the other followers.


Do other covenants have followers that have yet to be released?

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He’ll probably be unlocked further into renown.

I got one from Torghast on my fresh Druid that I’d yet to get on my Warlock.

So I think there’s a bunch more in Torghast that you have to get further into Renown to find.

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Don’t know but you can see on here if there are followers you don’t have.

Seems like every Covenant but Kyrian has 15 followers. Kyrian has 2 extra.