The New pvp system is incredible!

Funny, because if you upgrade your honor gear to the maximum level…guess what itemlevel it has? 190 similar to entry-level conquest gear. You already need a rating of 1400 to upgrade conquest gear higher.

lol! how is this game over with? You can literally play blindfolded and get 1400 raiting in arenas and get conquest points. and if you leave because you’re too casual that’s on you. If you don’t want to be called trash, work for your gear.

You honestly think that you deserve the Conquest gear from being a casual? How do you feel about mythic raid gear? do you think you deserve that from doing casual normal raid?


Pve gearing =/= pvp gearing, drill that into your head.


Not surprising the casual crowd doesn’t understand, they never will :shrug:

But yeah, I’m fine with the new PvP system. Certainly an upgrade from BFA, so there’s that.

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i’ll be skipping season 1 altogether, why participate if the rewards are trash?


Why does everybody keep saying this? It doesn’t suddenly unlock upgrades past 207. You’re still facing off against ~226 players in random BGs. At what point can should they open their eyes.

What WILL happen. Blizzard will reintroduce scaling to save the day. I hope you like that decision too.

Nope. But guess what. PvE players can CHOOSE the difficulty of their content. If they don’t have the gear for Mythic, they can go into Heroics. PvP players get mixed in with the same BGs as all of the other PvP players - regardless of gear.


Yep, the casuals will always cry and moan about not getting stuff handed to them on a silver platter


OP is a casual who hates casuals…you sound like some of those dumb Americans that support politicians that actively work against them and their best interest.


lolol! No where close to the casual there chief :slight_smile: I’m so sorry your feelers are hurt but I honestly do not care about your feelings when it comes to this game. If you don’t like it, don’t play it :slight_smile: GGz

I only have time for random BGs and I find it difficult to find a group of folks that match my time zone and availability to do anything rated. I should be allowed to work towards higher end PVP gear with random BGs, just like someone casual can work towards higher level raid equivalent gear in the PVE environment. We may not be able to access it as fast as some person who “no lifes” or can put a lot more time towards the game, but we should be able to access it. We all pay our sub one way or the other, nothing should be gated off to the community.


nope, you’re a casual. First you play Alliance(the casual faction), then you’re a Worgen(a casual race for PvP), and you’re achievements scream casual. So enjoy getting roflstomped by real PvPers and Dragonslayers alike.

Hey now! One of these days I’m totally gonna make 400k a year! Don’t tax me pre-emptively. I’m only temporarily financially crippled.

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lol!! Fail troll is fail :slight_smile:

You’ll still face high ilevel people in random BG’s.

Cos they are just parrots who watched the Stoopz video/ Asmongold reaction and repeat whatever the influencers say.


He can’t see the irony of it.

I honestly don’t think Stoopz understands what’s going to happen.

I knew what was going to happen weeks ago though. I warned people on the Beta forums about it weeks ago. Stoopz didn’t have any clue what they were going to do, until he logged in Friday.

Now I’m telling people that PvP scaling will be reintroduced. Have fun with your “superior” gear. lol


The question needs to be answered; what is the point for a casual PvPer to participate in PvP if all they have to look forward to is slaughter by massive gear disadvantage?


I’m still surprised that they didn’t go with the WoD-system, because that one was simply the best PvP-gearing-system ever implemented into the game. And the whole “gear is gear” thing was thrown out of the window as soon as they introduced a set-bonus for PvP-trinkets.

While overall the system is obviously better than BfA…it’s still miles away from what I could be.