The New pvp system is incredible!

You’ll still face high ilevel people in random BG’s.

Cos they are just parrots who watched the Stoopz video/ Asmongold reaction and repeat whatever the influencers say.


He can’t see the irony of it.

I honestly don’t think Stoopz understands what’s going to happen.

I knew what was going to happen weeks ago though. I warned people on the Beta forums about it weeks ago. Stoopz didn’t have any clue what they were going to do, until he logged in Friday.

Now I’m telling people that PvP scaling will be reintroduced. Have fun with your “superior” gear. lol


The question needs to be answered; what is the point for a casual PvPer to participate in PvP if all they have to look forward to is slaughter by massive gear disadvantage?


I’m still surprised that they didn’t go with the WoD-system, because that one was simply the best PvP-gearing-system ever implemented into the game. And the whole “gear is gear” thing was thrown out of the window as soon as they introduced a set-bonus for PvP-trinkets.

While overall the system is obviously better than BfA…it’s still miles away from what I could be.


MoP/WoD casual PvPers were able to get full conquest sets with zero rating.

That’s how it should be.

The only reason it’s not is because the “let gear be gear” mantra that Ion repeats is toxic garbage that sounds good until you evaluate what that really means. What it means it that casual PvPers get screwed and have to grind rating or PvE just to have fun in PvP.


Funnily enough they went against this mantra by introducing a set-bonus on PvP-trinkets.


No. There is more.

They will be ridiculed the whole time too.


Weak bait mate.

I think I need to quote Arthur Fleck again.

“Have you seen what it’s like out there, Murray? Do you ever actually leave the Arena? Everybody just yells and screams at each other. Nobody’s civil anymore! Nobody thinks what it’s like to be the other guy. You think men like Stoopz ever think what it’s like to be someone like me? To be somebody but themselves? They don’t. They think that we’ll just sit there and take it, like good little boys! That we won’t werewolf and go wild!”


True too. This is just going to lead to more random BG shaming, due to that “undergeared scrub” taking up a slot in their team.

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Yes because the pvp players labeled as casual wont be swarming into the rated content. YOLO will never happen, unheard of. Enjoy your 30 point ilvl for a few days because the casual pvp players will be wearing that gear too.

Thinking about this further, normalizing stats in random BGs would go a long way to fixing the situation.


Agreed. Bring back WoD templates or some variation thereof.


That’s one of three options they have:

  1. Reintroduction of PvP scaling
  2. Templates
  3. Random BG matchmaking based on gear

Of course, they could have done it right to begin with and gone back to WoD or MoP. Absent that, they’re going to have to do one of those three things, or they will be bleeding players.

One of those things is going to happen. Mark my words.

I actually don’t mind if Rated players get great gear. That’s a great idea - if they reintroduced temples in PvP at the same time. That system would work for everybody.

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I don’t have a issue with this concept, however we never had to compete against 230 ilvl players that are fully Mythic + in PvP, we had a separate pvp stat back then that you can only get in pvp, now even Mythic has Verst drops, the so called pvp stat now.

Plus now a pvper with a 2400 rating can get a mythic 15 ilvl quality gear from ratings and pvp, which they should get … they worked hard for it. But the issue is that the gaps are much greater now in SLs compared to say TBC. So TBC it was only like a 7 itemlvl increase from high ratings … not a big deal.

Now they are like 20 ilvl differences, so a non rater would just be dead all the time… and maybe they have issues get ratings , cant find the classes and players for a comp that would work… or may love pvp but doesn’t have that skill needed for 2400 rating. Plus now more can get mythic gear instead which is easier then ratings , and still tear up pvp.

Bottom line I don’t have a issue with this , but I do when the gap on gears is that much greater now.

This is a funny statement given that m+ offers bonus gear just from completing runs. That’s pretty free gear, when you can also get gear from the run itself.

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So buy carry, get gear. Got it.