Hotfixes -- Updated March 12

WW Monk is fine. What is the deal with a Rogue and a Paladin calling for nerfs on other classes. Are you just trolling? lol

Everybody keeps calling for nerfs when the real problem is the burst meta and the crazy gear imbalances.


I don’t see the point in nerfing convoke the spirits. Maybe in Arenas with few players, but in battle grounds it’s pretty much rng spread damage. You might get okay (not great) burst on a single target in unique situations. I’ve only ever one shot one person with it, and even then I’m pretty sure I had to throw in an extra spell or two, due to HP pools getting massive (by level 60 standards).

Good thing I hardly use it I guess. Far more useful in PvE than in PvP where it’s consistently interrupted.

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haha. I was carrying the flag on ~200 Monk last week. Sitting on the roof, and suddenly I was dead. 1.7s is what recap showed. The Druid stealthed behind me, so I didn’t even see him before I was dead.

Convoke is not necessarily the problem though.

Gear Imbalance and the burst meta are the real problems.

I didn’t check that Druid’s gear, so I don’t know if he was 184 or 220. The current burst meta is a serious problem though, and it’s especially a problem with the current gear imbalances. People are going to keep crying for nerfs on all these classes until that is solved. It’s causing very vocal knee-jerk reactions on the forums.

Blizzard needs to do a better job tuning classes, and they can’t even start until they fix the gear imbalance and burst issues. How do you even gather decent data to adjust classes when gear imbalance is this bad?

Additionally, the burst meta is the primary reason we have so many bad PvP specs in the game right now. Many specs are border-line inviable because they lack burst, and having your spec border-line inviable is gut-wrenching to people who play those specs.

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Again, that’s rare. It’s not consistent, it’s on a 2 minute cool down, and it’s literally the only big burst druids have. Everything else is just plucking away. We can’t just burn everyone down like a fire mage or arms warrior. Which is fine since we have a fair amount of self healing. Convoke I’ve noticed is much stronger as feral than balance, but that’s where the correction is which makes no sense. It can’t be aimed unless nobody else is around. It will randomly hit multiple target which greatly reduces effectiveness. Most flag carriers aren’t running alone, unless your team is just bad… I play randoms and still never run alone.

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No it isn’t please keep quite you don’t know what you are talking about

And still no demo lock buffs. Sigh.


Venthyr druids still have no neutral conduit since endless thirst does absolutely nothing. I’d like to have at least one potency conduit that works for both my dps off spec.

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I stopped reading exactly here.

You clearly don’t know how good you have it.

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When do you (Blizzard) plan on fixing the bugged core components of classes? There’re still bugged talents TWO MONTHS after the release of the expansion. Is this the level of work ethic and dedication to your game we can expect to see going forward?


Legion raids?

Oh I forgot. Working as intended.


Meanwhile nothing for havoc or destro


The tooltip has said 2% since prepatch. So not only was it bugged and only returning 1%, but it also had the wrong tooltip value this whole time?

How does something like this slip through and stay broken for months?


Why are you not targeting things the players have been begging you to FIX like fixing Havoc DH and Warlocks? I cant believe the list you guys put out for fixes during the week, I can assure you players are not asking for these petty changes, PLEASE FIX OUR CLASSES THAT YOU BROKE, WE CANNOT PLAY THE GAME BECAUSE OF THIS, we should not have to reroll just so we can get invited to rated PVP or RAIDS, or even regular BGs these classes are useless. We are missing out on so much because Bliz refuses to listen to the players and fix our characters they messed up. Will you give us the courtesy of at least responding? This is what really angers us the most is the lack of decency to respond to your paying customers, we deserve answers so we can either reroll or unsub, leaving us in limbo is just dismissing us as garbage, seems this is how the new WOW development team views its customer.


Please, just please…

Fix havoc dhs, its unplayable right now on pvp, u get no invites to mid/high rbg, u cant survive in arenas, also we do not have kill condition besides the hunt…

I can not choose the covenant i want, i need to stay on nightfae because its the only way a dh gets to be relevant on pvp and THAT IS NOT FUN

Dh forums are full of posts complaining and asking for some buffs, and yet there is no answer

Shadowlands have so much potential to be a nice expasion but it is so frustrating to play with some classes right now…


Yes, I do.

I think they’re going to double, triple, quadruple down on the message that covenants and class abilities are fine by nerfing the bajeebies out of the content. They’d much rather adjust the content than actually address the classes that underperform.


Considering it sounds like they are making stuff up, yes it does.


So nothing happening as far as class balance or fixes to specs Blizzard destroyed by overnerfing or nerfing the OP classes, nothing we have been begging for to fix our characters will be addressed or attempted. I cant believe you guys would leave paying customers in the dark this bad, cant believe you wouldnt at least try to help your paying customers who will not get raid invites or Rated pvp because their class now brings nothing due to overnerfing, HAVOC DH is in bad shape,Demo,Destro Locks are in bad shape but hey lets tinker with NPC’s hps that’s more of a top priority…I give up…


Please for the love of all that is holy REMOVE WINTERGRASP FROM THE GAME PLEASE!


Please Blizzard, do something about SV Hunters.

Buff or rework but please, do something.


Feels like they’ve fixed convoke bugs like 20 times but haven’t ever actually fixed the damage.