Heirloom item refunds


A lot of players feel we are entitled to having our gold refunded due to the upcoming heirloom changes in shadowlands that will remove the xp bonus. I would like to ask for confirmation if we are entitled to a gold refund, and if yes, how do we go about getting it?

Thank you for your time.

You’ll want to add to one of the ongoing threads in the General forums. CS has no say over changes being made to the games.

As for a gold refund, I wouldn’t imagine that they’d do that. They are also overhauling major portions of the game. Items come and go. While you’re welcome to feel like you should get one, I don’t see Blizzard doing this.


Generally speaking, we do not refund purchases due to game changes. World of Warcraft is constantly growing and changing, sometimes that includes changing items.

No change to this stance has been announced.


Allright, It was worth asking atleast. Thankyou for your time.

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My looms are all and I mean all 120 I spent maybe 750k on them to do this u mean to say I get nothing back

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I’m not sure how Kalviery could have stated it any more clearly.

The game changes. The game has always changed. Blizzard has never offered refunds based on those changes, and they aren’t likely to start as a result of this change.


This is not a CS decisions. Though development have stated the experience bonus stat would be replaced with another stat, (Not yet in), and that experience time from start to max level would be reduced (Already noticed in Alpha).

Please continue offering feedback in the general discussion forum.


What about those of us who did the Angler grind to specifically have a water-strider mount for water walking, only for the mount in question to be now like every other mount unless you purchase the water walking benefit? Things change constantly in this game. Heirlooms are a perk for those who have the gold, the reputation or the necessary mile markers to have them open to you. They’re not necessary to play this game. They’re nice to have, but they’re a bonus that isn’t open to everyone without some effort.

Unless it’s been redacted already and I missed it, they are working on something to make up for the lost bonus so that they’re not a total wash. People waste more gold on things that are even more fleeting in this game, even though that doesn’t invalidate your feelings on the matter but expecting to be refunded for things you’ve had good use out of is a touch ridiculous.


People on the Alpha were leveling 1-50 in under 4 hours with heirlooms. Hardly time to engage with your character. Blizzard expects that to be in the 10-20 hour range.

You still get the benefit of gear that scales as you level plus some sort of bonus buff.

i’d advise seeing how it plays out before dumping the looms.


Heirlooms aren’t being removed, just changed. With only 60 levels (50 of which are old content), the experience boost is far less meaningful.


I bought Cold-weather flying and Pandaren flying on over 20 characters. When they changed flying so you only need to buy it once it was not refunded. I have 310 flying on a number of characters (that’s normal flying, plus two upgrades). They are making flying to be a single level in Shadowlands. They are not refunding the money.

You reaped the benefit of heirlooms since you purchased them. It might be different if you bought and upgraded all the heirlooms the day before the Shadowlands pre-patch is released. Even if you just bought them today you would be able to use the leveling buff for a few months before they are changed.


The customer service team allready answered my question to a saisfactory degree, and I thanked them for their time and answer. This topic is done. Why are you repeating their words when they allready answered?

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Because folks can reply to topics they see fit, much how you feel the need to think folks are unable to give their ideas on the topic.

Anyone in good standing can reply to a given thread as they see fit.


i believe that you should be seeing an option to mark the issue as “resolved”


Don’t think they were repkying to you perse after you acceptance and thanks for the answer.

I believe, and I could be wrong here, some was for clarity in case this comes up in a Google search, and the rest was for the other player complaining below you.


Fair enough, I just got a notification as if it was a reply to me when I’d allready got the answer, bit odd.

That was because I quoted you. It was meant to be more of a general reply than one specifically to you. We see feedback posts here regularly when changes are made. The information was more for if someone came across this thread through Google.

I’m looking forward to the leveling changes. I’m an altaholic. On my main account I have one character at 68 and the others are all over 100. It will be nice to have that many on my EU account. The level-squish will definitely help with that.


The other replies were to the person AFTER the OP that was basically complaining that it is unfair that there aren’t refunds.

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Hello Kalviery,
i was wondering where i should email in regards to this subject. I recently just in this past week bought Several WoW tokens in order to get the gold to upgrade my heirlooms not knowing about this change thats happening until today. I feel incredibly wronged as i spent a good amount of $$$ for something im simply not going to be getting. I don’t expect a $$$ refund but id appreciate a full refund on the gold spent upgrading all of my heirloom sets and the heirlooms themselves. where do i email about this issue as to enquire about a fair compromise and solution to this issue?

There realy isnt a email to get a refund I doubt blizzard would even do it tbh MMO are by nature constantly changing and we have to keep up with the information.

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