[H][Bleeding Hollow] <Fruit Basket> 9/10H T/TH 8-11 EST Semi-Hardcore Guild Recruiting For Mythic Progression!

Hey everyone!

Fruit Basket is currently searching for exceptional DPS to fill out our mythic raid roster. However, all exceptional applications will be considered!

Our Biggest Needs

WW Monk - High
Unholy DK - Medium
Any and all RDPS

About Us

We are a guild that was formed at the very end of BfA from a core of players who raided mythic together in Legion. Our goal is to achieve Cutting Edge in Castle Nathria and in every raid tier after. We operate on the belief that you can make meaningful raid progression while still enjoying your raid environment as long as everyone is putting in the same amount of effort during raid time. We joke around when we know we can, and get serious when it’s time to. To get the progression we want in the time we have, raid slots go to those that can perform, and those that severely underperform will be benched. Additionally, we expect our raiders to be gearing themselves outside of raid to achieve their BiS. We have an active social discord where we hang out daily and also enjoy pushing high m+ keys and occasionally pvping!

Raid Schedule

Tuesday: 8:00-11:00PM EST

Thursday: 8:00-11:00 PM EST

Past Progression

In Ny’alotha we ended at 5/12 M after a few weeks of raiding before we decided to take a break before Shadowlands. During the short time we were progressing, we dealt with many random pugs which slowed us down quite a bit. However, with our larger and more reliable roster, we’re confident we can blow that progression out of the water.

Current Progression

10/10 N
9/10 H


If you are interested in joining and would like to apply, please fill out our application! (remove the space from https) h ttps://forms.gle/7HTrfpkHGabcpj9XA

If you would like to contact us directly you can do so through the info below!


Soami (Recruitment Officer) - Soami#11155


Soami (Recruitment Officer) - Soami#7923

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Big Steppas only

wonderful theming, 10/10 would recommend!

cant wait to kill some raid bosses with you guys!

My self (BM Hunter) and a friend of mine (Enhance Shammy) are looking for a mythic raiding guild. We both have been mythic raiding for years and currently are on Bleeding Hollow Horde

I also have a fully geared ret paladin and resto druid as well for alts if needed. They will be kept up to date with gear.

Btag is Bubbs#11112

We’re still looking!

this guild has the nicest community i’ve ever been in :slight_smile:

4/10 H now!!! We’re still looking! In big need of a lock :slight_smile:

Good folks looking for Big steppas

Bump. Still looking for Big RDPS and Healers preferably Holy/Disc Priest or Shadow players who can Flex when needed. Exceptional MDPS may also apply.

Hi, I was wondering if you were still in need of a Holy Paladin? I’m currently 187 ilvl trying to find a raiding guild. Please msg me anytime!

Bump. Still looking for big steppa rDPS and healers with flex roles. Affliction/Destro locks. Add me on Discord and we can go from there.

Added you on discord. Looking for a bigger/active guild. I do have previous CE exp, and logs listed below. I am main Frost but currently making the switch to Fire for pew pew PVP and because Fire is all the craze now. Lol. Hope for consideration! Thank you!


Bump. Still seeking RDPS and holy/disc priests

Bump give me some Holy Paladin and Holy Priest love

Looking for a Holy Paladin and/or a Holy Priest with big dreams and big foot prints.

Bump! Still looking ESPECIALLY for any healers! We have room for trials tonight for Heroic Council, Sludge and Generals progression!

Bump. LF Big pumper RDPS still and people who can Flex heal!

Looking for big RDPS steppas and especially the ones who can flex

Hey! I added you on discord if you’re still looking for heals!