[H]<Antiquated> Family guild lfm members and raiders

Are you old? Decrepit even? Cant play like you used to? Or just stuck at home? Then come check us out. Just some casual people playing the game at our own pace. Still plan on doing as much content as we can. Our goal is to hit the ground running when Shadowlands come out and aim to get AotC.

We are working on getting a solid group together for our core raid group. Currently 11/12 normal, just got AotC!. Looking for a few more DPS as well as a few hybrid classes to finish out our 2/4/12 raid spots.
Raid nights are Sunday and Wednesday @ 8:45pm CST, usually go about 2 hours.

Antiquated is family oriented keeping in mind that RL come first. (Adult average age is late 30s-early 40s) If you enjoy playing with your kid, we are looking for more families to join so that the youth can play together in a safe atmosphere. Most in the guild have families so we will all know when to censor ourselves in discord and there are no vulgar topics or bullying/shaming in guild chat. We also have alt runs that we host for the Antiquated Community. Players can attend when they want and play w/e open class they want. This is a great opportunity where families can see raid content and not feel the pressure of attendance when RL situations come up. We have one preteen in the guild and are hoping to give him and others like him some good gaming companions to enjoy the game with.

I know it’s late into the current expansion, looking to get a good solid group to head into the next expansion.
New/old/returning players welcome.
Find us on the Guild Finder in game or hop on our discord and chat.
discord.gg/ukTZsbg or Gameslave#4704
bnet: Morlanith#1757

Located on Gurubashi (Horde)

connected realms welcome as well:
Aegwynn, Bonechewer, Daggerspine, Gurubashi, and Hakkar

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bump. come for the cookies!

Bump, Vay’s scones are better!

Wish you guys were alliance, or I did not have a tie to alliance side. lol

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This is a bump!

Still need a few more to fill out spots!

Still looking for a few more DPS!

Bump, great group of guys, know how to keep it light!

Are you looking for certain classes at this time? Looking for a fresh start and may be interested in raiding before the end of the expansion.

Bump for the homies! These are good people!

@Makaoo not really looking for anything specific. We are mainly looking for DPS atm. But Just play what you enjoy. Hit us up on discord if you have any questions! discord.gg/ntTktSD

We have a healer spot possibly opening up!

Come visit the resident chef for more great food!

Recruitment is back open!

AoTC this tier! got it!