[H] Thursday 1 Night a Week AoTC LF DPS

Who We Are

We are a group of raiders who are working to form a second, one night a week raid team in the guild Pandamonium, Horde on Zul-jin. We have been involved in light Mythic raiding in the past but have a goal of mid-core AoTC for the team, with possibility of alt runs, a mythic boss or two, or even a break at the end of a tier. Overall, we are a very adult guild that is active and part of a larger community.

The guild itself is comprised mostly of working adults that play as time allows, typically members are active 6PM to Midnight US Eastern. The membership consists of anything from the hardcore push mythic+ members, to Raid-logging only members. Many members of the guild play other games that we keep up with as well. For example. there are several of us that like FPS games and have nights where we do that instead. BUT, we are always available via Discord, and always happy to help other members with keys are whatever is needed. Often channel talk is other games, our favorite foods or adult beverages, movies/music, or other games. It should be noted that joining the team and the guild are two different things. One may choose to join guild and the team, or just the guild if they prefer or one may be accepted to the guild, but not the team. Pandamonium has a lot to offer.

Raid Day/Times:
Thursdays 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM Eastern.

What We Are Looking For:
We are currently open to adding a couple of more DPS, specifically a mage and warlock. Our goal will always be to recruit the right person, not the class, but we also try to balance to some degree. We are mostly full on healers but would consider a Holy Paladin or MW Monk

What does “Mid-Core” Mean?
This is our terminology in attempt to describe the raiding culture for our specific team. We are casual on the schedule and try to be inclusive but when it’s time to raid we expect the team members to be prepared and focused on progression. We like quick efficient pulls with short breaks and want to really maximize the raiding time we have. As mentioned above, we have been involved in Mythic raiding on a two night schedule so we plan to make AOTC on a one night schedule our primary focus. Overall, we have pretty typical asks, know your class, ask for help if you need it, be in attendance, communicate well, and come prepared.

What We Expect:

Our Current raid time is as follows: Thursdays 8:30 to 11:30 PM Eastern. We expect high attendance and a commitment to the team.
On occasion, if we, as a team, would REALLY like to finish a boss we are progressing we have been known to pull a boss or two on a Monday, but ONLY if the majority of the team is on board.
We ask that you be respectful to your team members and guild members. We are all adults with a variety in age, locations, beliefs, etc. We will not tolerate people being disrespectful to the membership.
We do ask you bring your own food and flask to the raid. Feasts and Flasks will be provided when possible but at the end of the day it is the responsibility of the raider to bring those items.

Why consider us?

A solid guild with longevity, with a solid culture, great for a long term home, who will be consistent in the goal of achieving AOTC each tier of the expansion. We have a lot of fun as a guild and have a lot of laughs. We want down to earth, no drama, no show off, level headed, team first, type players and leadership will work to provide the right atmosphere.

Also, with there being two active raid teams in the guild, both of similar mindset, there is a lot of opportunity to do things with a variety of players, including keys, PvP, Torghast, etc. The guild hosts and open event night on Tuesdays that is open to everyone, raiders, and non-raiders alike.
In the end, while we want to achieve our goals, we want the players to be happy and having fun above all else.

How To Join or if you have questions:

If you’re interested reach out to Kosh#1220 and we can talk or visit our website pandamoniumguild[dot]com for more information, or to apply.

Added you in game. Looking to chat about bringing in a few peeps.

Hi Scorp! We saw the applications come through! Reach out to any of us Pandas with questions. We’re always happy to talk to you and can connect you to a chapter officer if there is one on. Hoping to see you as a part of the guild soon. :slight_smile:

Hey. I’m a Mage(night fae Fire), currently 185ilvl raiding once a week with a guild of friends, but I’m looking to raid an extra night to push a bit harder content. Your Thursday night raid group sounds like something I’d be interested in if you’d have me and looking fir an extra Rdps.

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Arcano, so happy to hear you’re interested. :smiley: We’d love for you to apply. Please visit our website: https://pandaguild.io/ to apply. Also, please reach out to any of our members in game, we’re happy to answer any questions.

im very interessed to join , i have experience of completing mythic raid! can be disc or shadow as you wish ! deathascone#1925

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Still looking for a few more DPS to round out our roster.

Would consider a MW Monk or Holy Paladin as well, all are welcome to apply!

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Great team to raid with and roster has come together quickly! Still looking for a few more DPS to round out the team, specifically mage and warlock!

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Team is moving through Heroic and having a lot of fun! Roster is mostly fully but would welcome another RDPS, especially a mage, and perhaps a rogue.

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Our team is still looking to grow as we progress through the raid. Still looking to add some DPS to the team.


We are currently looking for a player who can tank and DPS. This spot would be for tanking in the raid as one of our main tanks serves in the military (thank you for your service!) and will be unavailable at times. Additionally, we have a group of 4 players who are looking for a consistent tank on some off nights, Sunday and Monday for Mythic+

If interested, please note raid tanking would probably be about 50/50 split between DPS and tank, looking to move to tank 100% of the raids in time. Tanking for Mythic+ would be 100% of the time, again with Sundays and Mondays being the target days.

If you are interested please reach out to Kosh#1220 and please note this will require a discord interview, a raid trial, and mythic+ trial. However, what we are interested in more than knowledge is the right personality fit. It is perfectly acceptable to still be learning, as many of us still are. We currently are in the 11 to 14 key range, depending on the week, and our main goal is to have fun and ultimately clear all 15s in time. We are looking for someone to have fun with more so than an “all star” type player or a specific tanking class.

Overall, this is a great group of folks, who are just your normal busy adults who enjoy gaming a bit when and where they can. If interested please reach out!

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Our Thursday night team is still looking for a tank/dps! Don’t miss out on getting to raid with such a great group of people and to play with the entire Pandamonium community. Please reach out to Kosh on his bnet: Kosh#1220 or visit our website to apply to the community: https://pandaguild.io/

Still looking for another tank - Ideally someone willing to occasionally play offspec DPS but this spot will migrate to FT raid tank very soon. Additionally, really want someone interested in pushing KSM on Sun/Mon nights. Happy to help gear up. Reach out to Kosh (Kosh#1220) or myself (Duress#1327).

Hello! Team is having a ton of fun. We are opening up a DPS spot or two. Would happily accept a Warlock and any DPS class/player than can heal in a pinch!

Please reach out if interested.

still looking for a couple more players

Group is currently 10/10 H, looking for a Tank to allow one of our current tanks to swap to DPS. This would be a permanent spot, no take backsies etc. We’re pretty chill and are really just looking for someone who wants to have some fun and kill some bosses.


Still looking to fill a few spots! Open to a Warlock, Demon Hunter, WW Monk, and would consider any ranged DPS.

Great group of folks for having fun with an efficient 1 night a week AoTC team.

Reach out to Kosh#1220 if interested!

10/10 H group looking for one or two more DPS to join up. Just looking for like minded, one-night-per-week raiders that are enjoyable to hang around with. Any class is probably fine.

We are still looking for one or two more DPS to join up.

I’m a 221 1300io aff/destro warlock interested in your guild. I sent a Btag request to Kosh#1220 as WsyiWyg#11435.