[H] That's My Cousin 7/10M|T/W/Th 9pm-12am EST

That’s My Cousin - Mal’Ganis (7/10M 10/10H)
RAID TIMES - T/W/Th 9pm-12am EST

Guild Goal:
Our goal in Shadowlands is to clear Mythic content as efficient and quick as possible while maintaining a chill raid environment. We are not aiming for a rank, with like-minded individuals US 100 is easy. With that being said, this is a guild that is focusing on prog, maximizing your capabilities is a MUST in order to kill bosses as we will not be fully stacked on loot.

Raider Expectations:

  • Raiders must fully maintain 1 character for the tier

  • Raiders must keep up with any class/spec changes for their mains

  • Raiders should be able to maximize their dps while executing mechanics

  • Raiders should research raid encounters to find better ways to maximize their game play based on class/spec (including but not limited to positioning, class cheeses, etc.)

  • Raiders must be prepared with all consumables before raid

  • Raiders will show up 15 mins prior to the start of raid for invites

  • Raiders are expected to have 100% attendance (If you must miss raid, notify the guild prior)

We will be aiming to maintain a roster of 25 raiders, as we aim to kill bosses as fast as possible. We will need raiders to understand that they might be sat for certain bosses for an optimal raid comp. This does not mean you are a bench player or you don’t add anything to our raid team, this is simply to expedite our progress as a whole. ALL SPOTS ARE COMPETITIVE! ( I would rather take a 85% percentile raider that excels in mechanics than a 99% percentile parse monkey)


Not recruiting

Melee -

  • Warrior

Ranged -

  • Warlock


  • We have an immediate opening for a Disc priest or H pali

Feel free to apply even if your class is not listed here, we will always review an exceptional raider!


Contact Info: (Only reach out after filling an app)
Ultrondk - GM
Battle tag: KingDooz#1491 | Discord tag: Ultron#7596

Perks - Officer
Battle tag: dumb#11670

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“The boys are back in town”


A couple more months till Shadowlands, its almost here boys!

Never listen to the middle Cass, he is just a feeder.

That’s My Cousin, dont kick him.

Big rdps pumpers needed. Big healers needed. Imagine not getting CE every tier xD

Pumpers welcomed.

Courage the cowardly dog is a ill throwback.

3 months till the maw.

get the :bread: gamer.

Definitely gonna kill Helya again sometime during Shadowlands for sure.

Fall guys = epic gamer moments.

LF healers and Rdps, looking strong for SL =)

Still looking for solid healer and RDPS can provide logs of our current raiders for any interested but may be turned of by the new guild stigma…difference between us and others is we started with 15 inhouse raiders, others start 3-5 raiders…safe to say this is a lot more stable, incomparable.

Projections looking sweet :smile:

Practically already have an entire raid team, LF solid RDPS and solid Heals. Multiple CE exp preferred.

Need a few more hitters to round out a solid core pushing into M Castle Nathria. EZ US 100 grab.

Oooooo verryy naccee.

Who remembers the Sock’em Boppers commercial??!?!?!?!?