[H] <SuperFriends> LF competent raiders for M 9/9H 2/9M

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Raid Schedule : Tuesday/Thursday 8:00-11:00 PM EST
Server : Hyjal
Faction : Horde
Current progression : 9/9H 2/9M BoD

We are looking for raiders with a good attitude, competent execution of class-mechanics and high situational awareness. Mature individuals who are comfortable with a relaxed and lively raiding atmosphere but will put in the effort and focus needed to maximize that time! The only reason we are not more progressed, is lack of players to fill our Mythic roster.

Our guild also has multiple groups that run M+ every week. (Our tanks and healers are more than accommodating and are active daily, farming mythic+ and making sure our raiders are doing the most they can each week to better themselves.)

Talented players of any class/spec will be considered! So, if you don’t see your class listed, but feel like you can contribute to our team, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for exceptional players!

Currently in need of:
Shadow Priest
Resto Druid
Havoc Demon Hunter

Interested? Here is our guild application:

Questions? Feel free to whisper:
BNet: Gummyshark#11346
Discord: Gummyshark#5265 (Best way to reach me)
BNet: helenkeller#1825
Discord: little__#0345

We are newly formed smashing content fast.come be apart of an amazing group

Still looking! <3

9/9 H now and will be pushing mythic now. Come join us!

bumpidy bump bump

Into mythic we go.like big keys and a great atmosphere?

Still looking! <3

To the top! Really need to fill the last few spots!

Are you still looking for a paladin?