[H] <Raiders R Us> Looking for Raiders and Members

As the title says Raiders R Us - [H] - Zul’jin is looking for Mythic raiders and members that want to be a part of a tight knit community and push for Cutting Edge every tier from 8.3 on!!!

As a Guild we were formed in October of 2019, but leadership has been playing together for a few years now. We know the struggles of joining a Guild only for it to fall apart after one Raid Tier, or to join a Guild where the community is grouped into its own cliques. Those issues will not be happening here!!!

What we are looking for is dedicated Raiders/Members that want to be a part of something long term and watch it grow into something Great!!! We foster a very easy going, meme friendly community focused on Raiding, helping our player base grow as players, and fostering the mentality of nothing great ever comes without a time and effort investment!!

Our Raid nights for the team are currently Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11pm EST.
We do Heroic Clears during the week that are voluntary, as well as running Mythic + daily. Our roster is competitive at all times, friendships do NOT play a factor in who is on the roster - Performance determines the weeks raid rosters.

Current Recruitment needs:
MDPS: Warrior - Rogue - Ret Paladin - DH - DK
RDPS: Boomkin - S/Priest - Warlock - Mage
Heals: Holy Paladin - Disc Priest

If your class is not listed here, please reach out anyway as we will take exceptional players based on attitude and current logs. If this seems like a place you want to make a long term home reach out to one of us listed below and we will definitely get back to you quickly!!!

Discord: Epicphantom#6202
Btag: MyLife4Aiur#1333

Discord: Mith#0810
Btag: maggotmike01#1917

Discord: rachel#12349
Btag: rmosk#1837

Discord: korey#1583
Btag: hayden#12826

Discord: chain#9672
Btag: chain#11870


for starts nice guild name! also interested in joining i will send one of the above a dm on discord with more questions!

Bump - we’re looking for classes of all specs and raiders wanting to be part of an awesome and dedicated team!

Bump - we’re looking for classes of all specs and raiders wanting to be part of an awesome and dedicated team!

Still looking spots are filling, in need of Healers and Deep Deeeps