[H] <I hate it here> Turalyon Tues/Wed 8pm-11pm EST 3/12M LF SL RAIDERS

I hate it here> US-Turalyon horde is a guild now recruiting more members! We are a strong heroic raiding guild and are looking to do more mythic raiding next expansion. We are currently 12/12H and 3/12 M as a guild with multiple members 4-6/12 M.

What we value:

I hate it here is a laid-back group of people who enjoy cracking jokes and downing some bosses. We maintain a friendly and comedic environment where people can enjoy themselves. We also enjoy progressing, so we fully expect raiders to be prepared and show up on time. We understand life happens, so be prepared to communicate to officers on those occasions. Aside from raiding we enjoy pushing mythic plus keys and helping each other get those done. We also encourage members to seek advice and guidance from other members whenever there may be a question about class specifics or other game related items without judgement. Toxicity will not be tolerated!

Raid Times:

Tuesday’s 8-11 PM server time (EST)

Wednesday’s 8-11 PM server time (EST)

What we are looking for:
Mythic raiders: DPS only.
Non raiding social players are also encouraged to join.

Contact Info:

Jezalene – Guild Master
Jez#5143 - Discord
Jezalene#1712 - Battlenet

Oenomoous – Recruitment
Oenomaos#8977 - Discord
Oenomaos#1996 - Battlenet


I hate it here!

Good morning! Check us out if you hate it here as much as us!

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Raid time soon! GO TEAM!

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Lvling a Warrior Skylarqt-Turalyon! i love to part of the guild
Here my discord : Skylarqt#4021

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I think you added me already on battletag? If so, I accepted!

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