LF casual Guild (Horde)

very casual player looking for a guild on Horde side 18+
lgbt-friendly. something that’s casual but likes to get things done.
i will be lvling a new toon are your server
(being very active on Discord especially in voice comms is very important to me) p.s also I’m a very fun and crazy person

Things I like to do
Raiding (Next Xpac normal and heroic)
Mythic Plus.
Island expeditions
random battlegrounds.
transmog runs
and working on professions.

Discord: Skylar#4021

[sF] | Serenity Frontier (Horde)

About us:
A guild and community looking to grow immensely. We want to provide a laid back and/or serious, all raiding and social environment for new and top-end players that enjoy min/maxing their characters, or casual players looking to socialize, and stay extra laid back. We offer many events for casual & raiders weekly. Built as a family, we believe in quality over quantity.

Raid times / days: Tues / Friday 8:00pm EST to 12:00 pm EST
Optional day: Saturday 8:00pm EST to 11:30 pm EST (this day will ONLY be used for close kills and if EVERYONE agrees to do it)

What we expect from you:
You do not need any previous raid, mythic, or any experience to join this guild. It is a fresh opportunity for everyone involved. All we ask is you have decent corruption and know how to play your class inside and out. As far as completing dungeons, quests and raid bosses, we will help you do that, so long as you are able to listen and learn. We expect everyone to be treated equal and fair, we wish to keep a welcoming community for all new and experienced players!

What you will get from us:
Simply put, the goal of every tier will be CE. We take extreme pride in achieve CE in every raid. So that is something you can always look forward to. We also offer casual, social aspects of the game throughout our guild. We do not discriminate against anyone8

Battlenet: Scyther#11224
Discord: Scyther#9309

You can also join our Discord to stay connected! discord.gg/cpsyQUt

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Check us out. We would love to chat if you’re interested!